Zoom Down? and Current Problems

Zoom is a Video Communication Service, which allows people chat to more than one person at a time, mainly aimed for groups of friends, family or even business colleges to keep in contact over.

Spectrum Down or Outage? Problems

Spectrum has become one of the most popular suppliers of cable and internet services in the US, with the company now operating under the Charter Spectrum name.

Pinterest Not Working? and Problems

As many of you know, Pinterest is a website where millions of users share their photos and create themed-based such as events, hobbies and many more. Although in the past there has been many reports of users accounts not working when trying to log into their accounts and having problems such as blank pages. Is … Read more

Is Facebook down? Problems

Social networks don’t get much bigger than Facebook with millions connecting every hour through desktop computers, but even more with mobile devices today.

Freesat Having Problems? Down

As many of you know, Freesat is a British Satellite Television Service, which provides many channels such as BBC, ITV, Sky News and so much more. With this being so popular in the UK, you can image that many people are using this way of watching and catching up with their favourite TV shows

John Lewis & Partners Website Down? Not Working

John Lewis & Partners is one of the biggest stores within the UK and has millions of customers visiting their website every year, although with that being the case, there has been many occasions where there’s been reports of it being down and it also not working

Indeed Website Down?

For those of you who are looking for some employment, whether it’s part-time or full-time, Indeed is a very well known website to go to for people to search jobs.

Disney Plus Not Working?

As many of you have heard Disney Plus is a new way for fans to enjoy streaming all their most loves films and TV series, which is perfect for watching when wanting a relaxing day around the house, as there’s nothing better than switching off from the outside world.

Sky Website Down? Not Responding

As many of you know, Sky have millions of customers and with that being you can imagine the amount of people using their services on a daily basis. So therefore, we’ve decided to set this page up

Gumtree Website Down and App Issue

If you didn’t already know, Gumtree is owned by eBay and is a platform for users to sell their belongings and to obviously buy items as well, such as, clothing, vehicles, home items and so much more.

Google Play Problems

For those of you who own an Android device, whether it’s a mobile phone or tablet, then you’ll know that Google Play is the place to go when you’re wanting to download apps and games.

John Lewis & Partners Website Down and Login Issues

This page has been designed to help John Lewis & Partners customers when John Lewis & Partners themselves have an outage and this could be anything from their official website being down to members having login issues.

MasterCard Problems?

Mastercard is very popular with hundreds and thousands of customers worldwide for when it comes to banking, especially when using the likes of debit and credit cards. So therefore, you can well and truly imagine the chaos that it causes when they have an outage either on their website, or with something to do with making payments of cards.

AMC App Down? and Problems

The AMC App is available for you to download through either the GooglePlay Store, the App Store or the Microsoft Store, for your smartphone or tablet and this then allows you to Chromecast directly to you television.

National Lottery Website Down? and Issues

The National Lottery, as many of you will know, is for people to take part every Wednesday and Saturday night in an opportunity for them to win a jackpot and that could mean one lucky winner, winning what could potentially be well into the millions. 

Nationwide Online Banking Down? or App Issues

For those of you who are constantly on the go and rely heavily on using the Nationwide Mobile Bank App, then you’ll want it to work at all times, right? However, when there’s an outage of some sort, then this dedicated page is the place to find all reported issues. With that being said, without … Read more

Plusnet Internet and Phone Problems

Plusnet is a very well known internet service provider, which provides broadband, landline, IPTV and Mobile services for thousands of their customers all around the UK, in fact they have well over 750,000! Plus, they also operate a number of additional businesses as well. 

Matalan Website Down

The retailer is known for some beautiful homeware, clothing for ladies, men and kids, plus some amazing sales throughout the year, although none of this is accessible if the Matalan servers have problems.

Final Fantasy Servers Down and Problems

Final Fantasy is a game that is played by millions worldwide and is very popular in many different counties such as the UK, USA and especially Japan, due to it originating from there. It’s so big that the company has been going since 1987. 

Hermes Login Problems and Tracking Issues

Hermes is a very well known delivery company which works with nearly 10,000 independent couriers that provide you with door to door deliveries. They deal with thousands of parcels on a daily basis, enabling and making sure their customers get their online orders on time.  

Royal Mail Problems and Tracking Issues

If you’re living within the UK, then you’ll be very familiar with the Royal Mail. For those of you who don’t know, they are a postal service and also courier company that delivers millions of parcels and letters a day to around the country and worldwide.

Tesco Groceries website down? Problems today

Tesco has become one of the most popular websites online when it comes to shopping for electronics, toys, household goods and basically everything else other than food. Tesco offers it all in today’s world and with the best prices compared to high street competitors. When Tesco runs promotions such as Clubcard boost, Toy Sales and … Read more

Santander Problems? Down or card not working

Santander has become a very popular method of banking for UK consumers, especially given that the company seems to be a lot more flexible when it comes to opening a new bank account, when compared with other rival services who may put more restrictions in place. With Santander accessible to millions of customers, it’s important … Read more

iFunny server problems or website not working

iFunny has become an extremely popular source of funny photos, memes and other gifs to make your day a happier one. As you can imagine though, that happiness can quickly turn to sadness when the iFunny servers are down or website is not working. We have seen that when iFunny is down, outages can last … Read more

26-30 Railcard website problems

The new 26-30 Railcard has now launched in the UK, offering 1/3 off most fares across the UK. Unfortunately though, limited demand for the railcard has resulted in huge website problems for many users. As a result, we can see that the 26-30 Railcard website is down at frequent moments during the day with a … Read more

British Gas website down today

British Gas serves millions of customers throughout the UK, with the company now putting an emphasis on technology and connected smart meters to allow users to manage all of their bills and needs via the British Gas website. However, there will be times when the website is not working suddenly and customers are unable to … Read more

Survey Monkey website, app not working

Survey Monkey is one of the world’s leading online survey companies, offering free and paid for services that serve millions of customers across the globe and provide essential data analysis to keep many companies flowing on a yearly basis. At times though, Survey Monkey can experience problems and it could result in the Survey Monkey … Read more

UKFast status when not working

UKFast is one of the leading hosting companies across the UK, serving thousands of customers with cloud services, dedicated servers and colocation needs at all times. However, there are occasions when a UK Fast outage will occur and services will be down completely for hours at a time in some cases. When that happens, you … Read more

AT&T Internet problems today

AT&T Internet services are used by millions of customers in the US, but along with many other providers, problems can happen at the worst times resulting in AT&T Internet not working suddenly in your area. It is no secret that every paying customer needs their AT&T Internet to be working at all times, but sadly … Read more

Github not working or problems today

Github serves millions of customers with its web-based git and internet hosting services. Github is essential for those who work with code on a daily basis but when Github is down or not working it can cause severe disruptions for businesses all around the world. Usually Github is stable but sometimes we know that there … Read more

Go Daddy down with DNS problems today

Go Daddy or GoDaddy is the popular web hosting and internet domain provider, serving millions of customers globally with users relying on their websites to be up and running at all times of the day without problems. As many users will tell though this isn’t always possible and we know that there can often be … Read more

Nationwide Online Banking, Mobile App not working

Nationwide serves millions of users in the UK with banking needs 24/7 a day, with online banking services through their computer or on the go via the Nationwide Mobile app if you need to check your balance quickly. At times though, we have seen that there are problems with Nationwide Online Banking not working, both … Read more

Natwest Online Banking Login not working

Natwest offers one of the UK’s most popular banking services that millions of customers use on a daily basis. Natwest Online Banking is especially a key factor of this but when problems happen, users can often be left for hours without access to their funds. Many users use the Natwest app for their mobile banking … Read more

Sky Email problems today

Sky Email is used by millions of Sky customers across the UK, with the service having recently merged with Yahoo Mail giving users access to a wide range of features that a company as big as Yahoo can offer in this field. At certain times though and usually at the worst moment, Sky email login … Read more

Optus Internet Outage or NBN problems

Optus is one of Australia’s biggest internet service providers, offering NBN, broadband internet, cable services and more to millions of customers across the country. At times though, we have seen that there can be a sudden Optus internet outage or problems that lead to internet services not working, or NBN completely down and FetchTV streaming … Read more

Boots website not working today

Boots is the place to go during busy sale periods when the retailer offers some of their most popular products with a big discounted price. Boots 3 for 2 Sale is extremely popular for example, while Boots Triple Points promotions are also really good as well for shoppers looking to save a lot of money. … Read more

ITV Box Office Streaming Problems

ITV Box Office is the new service set up by ITV that allows you to watch pay-per-view or PPV events over the internet and watched online on your computer or on mobile. Some of the big ITV Box Office events include live boxing, but sometimes there can be streaming problems with the service leading to … Read more

TV Player down with problems

TV Player is the extremely popular streaming website for UK users, allowing them to watch free to air channels online using a username and password login only. It is very convenient having tested it ourselves, but being a streaming based service there are certain times when TV Player is down with many problems preventing users … Read more

NEXT Sale problems or site down

The NEXT Sale is extremely popular for UK shoppers with VIP slots being handed out a few days before, offering an early preview of the company’s Summer sale which is one of the biggest in the UK. When the full NEXT sale goes live the servers often go down due to demand with multiple problems, … Read more

PayTM recharge not working

PayTM is one of the biggest payment services in India, with consumers able to manage and organise all of their bill payments easily using the PayTM app recharge system directly through their mobile smartphone. At times though, problems can happen when the PayTM recharge function is not working and we have seen our own experience … Read more

Midcontinent Internet not working today

This is the page you can come to whenever Midco or Midcontinent internet is down and not working today. Consumers in the Upper Midwest of US always rely on a stable and speedy connection but at times that always isn’t possible. When Midco internet problems are happening in your area, you can check service status … Read more

Best Buy website not working or loading slow

Best Buy is one of the most popular retail destinations for consumers in the US and now worldwide with the company expanding their operations to cater to a global audience. Their online website is easily one of the best when it comes to finding the best prices on electronic goods, but at times the Best … Read more

Shaw Internet or Home Phone outage today

Shaw Internet is one of the most popular choices in Canada when it comes to offering a reliable broadband service and also phone with Shaw Home Voice part of the same package that consumers opt for. At times though, Shaw internet suffers problems and a Shaw internet outage can happen when you least expect it. … Read more

Edmodo website not working

Edmodo is the popular educational website which connects students, parents and teachers together seamlessly with a unified platform that can provide additional learning methods and an enhanced teaching program. It is now being used by over 60 million users as of 2016, meaning that it has become a crucial part of the learning process and … Read more

Teamviewer connection problems

Teamviewer is the popular choice for remote access software right now, with many home and businesses depending on it running smoothly at all times to help manage day to day matters. At times though, the Teamviewer website can have problems and we’ve seen recently hundreds of users experiencing Teamviewer connection problems with errors popping up … Read more

HMRC website login not working

The HMRC website for online tax login is one of the most important websites for those who are self employed who need to constantly check their financial situation on a daily basis. At times though, the HMRC website can suffer problems meaning that you won’t be able to login in to check your account. When … Read more

British Airways system down for check-in

We always rely on major airline services to work without issue, but at times even the best can suffer outages too. The same can apply to British Airways when check-in isn’t available due to the British Airways system not working globally. This is obviously a rare thing to happen but when the British Airways website … Read more

Ebay website login not working

Ebay is the world’s leading online marketplace when it comes to selling your unwanted goods or for selling on trending products for a profit. At times though, the Ebay.com or Ebay.co.uk websites are down and when they are not working you can come here to check status with other Ebay shoppers. Is Ebay.com down on … Read more

Virgin Media broadband internet not working today

Virgin Media offers broadband and mobile phone services across the UK, the broadband being especially popular as it currently offers some of the highest internet speeds available in the country. With all online services though, problems can happen and this is the page when you can tell us when Virgin Media is not working, both … Read more

Madden Mobile 17 server maintenance

Madden Mobile 17 is finally upon us, with Rob Gronkowski the new face of a brand new season which fans are really excited about. We’ll keep track of any Madden Mobile 17 server maintenance here, always ensuring that you are back on the game as soon as possible. This year, you’ll want to log in … Read more

Twitter is not working right now

Twitter claimed its popularity due being a very short message service that did it different to the likes of Facebook, although Twitter services will go down on occasion.

HSBC online banking website or app problems

If you have an active lifestyle and rely on the HSBC Mobile Banking app to be working at all times, this is the page where you can come to report HSBC online internet banking problems. HSBC has been known to have outages from time to time when users suddenly can’t log into HSBC online banking … Read more

Barclays internet banking not working

Barclays Bank is the primary banking solution for many customers in the UK and across the world when travelling or working abroad. At times though, problems can happen and this is the page where you can report your issues when Barclays internet banking is not working, both online and with Barclays Mobile Banking app down. … Read more

BigPond Email outage today

BigPond remains the primary email client for customers in Australia, even amidst Telstra’s plans to fully discontinue the brand and have Telstra takeover all email services moving forward. For now though, BigPond email is used by millions of consumers and whenever there is a problem with the BigPond email login website not working, you can … Read more

Cox internet outage with area status

Cox Communications is one of the biggest providers of internet services in the US, while also being one of the top 3 cable service providers in the US as well. Many consumers have now switched to Cox for their broadband needs, but some may live to regret that decision when they find out how frequent … Read more

Sky broadband problems when not working

Sky broadband continues to be one of the most popular choices of ISP in the UK, especially when customers can’t live without their TV packages and need to combine broadband in order to get a better deal. However, when Sky internet is not working it often happens by surprise and at the time when you … Read more

BT Sport down, app live stream not working

The BT Sport app has proven to be one of the best apps to use when watching live sport in the UK, especially for those that love to tune into live Premier League, UEFA Champions League or Europa League streams. On occasion though, the BT Sport app can have problems and you may see the … Read more

Is Twitch down? Stream issues

Twitch has easily become the number one platform for gamers wishing to share their broadcasts with fans around the world, with all forms of social media now relying on Twitch on a daily basis. There are times though when Twitch is down with server problems. It doesn’t happen often as the developers are usually extremely … Read more

TalkTalk internet down, service status problems

Talk Talk has become one of the leading broadband providers in the UK, thanks to offering lower prices compared to the likes of BT and Sky. However, there are times when TalkTalk internet stops working suddenly and when that happens this is the page you can use to report problems. The problem with TalkTalk not … Read more

Cablevision down with Optimum Internet not working

Cablevision is one of the leading telecommunications companies, which offers a variety of services for consumers needing internet and digital television. This comes in conjunction with Optimum, with many consumers currently using Optimum WiFi and Optimum Online high-speed internet. Usually, the service is very good but as with any other ISP there can be a … Read more

Gmail down, slow, or not working today

It is rare for Google to have problems relating to Gmail down or the login not working, but on occasion it can happen. Here we provide updates on where you check the latest Gmail service status and find out when it is not working in a particular area. Google provides their own Gmail status checker … Read more

Yelp down, website not working with DNS error

Users now depend on services such as Yelp just as they would their mobile phone, broadband being connected or Facebook being up and running. That means when Yelp is down or the website is not working, all hell breaks loose as consumers run riot on trying to find out when Yelp servers are back up. … Read more

Halifax online banking down, website login not working

Internet banking is an essential part of daily life for UK consumers, especially when it comes to those who have a Halifax account. When Halifax online banking is down or the website is not working this is the page to visit to record those problems. Halifax is one of the most popular banks to choose … Read more

iCloud Mail status down, service not working

Apple does a good job keeping all of their different online services up and running without any problems, 99% of the time. However when iCloud Mail is down for users suddenly, it can obviously create huge problems with consumers relying on sending and receiving mail at all times. Many people use iCloud Mail as their … Read more

Is Imgur down or not working?

Imgur has developed into the most popular image hosting website in terms of social interaction. When you need to quickly upload an image to share with friends, Imgur is usually the go to option. However when Imgur is down or not working then users face an anxious wait for when the servers resume as normal. … Read more

Telstra outage or DNS issues

Telstra is Australia’s leading internet provider and the company that many customers place their faith in over competitors. When Telstra has DNS issues or is not working though, customers need to get a official update on the service status as soon as possible. We’ve noticed that Telstra has not been very active when it comes … Read more

DeviantArt down or website not working

DeviantArt is the go to place when it comes to sharing art and your custom designs and get feedback with a respected community. It’s unusual for DeviantArt to be down with website problems, but sometimes it can happen and you can check server status here in case there’s maintenance. When DeviantArt has problems, you may … Read more

Post Office problems? Down or internet issues

Everyone depends on the Post Office to deliver parcels and letters in a timely manner. However, even the Post Office can be prone to technical problems and some of you have been complaining recently about Post Office’s server being down meaning that items cannot be sent on time. You may not realise it, but the … Read more

Capital One internet banking down, website not working

Capital One is one of the most important banking services for consumers in the US, but when Capital One is not working it creates big problems when the website is down. If you are having problems with Capital One today, you can check the official AskCapital Twitter page to see if there has been any … Read more

Lloyds Bank problems? Down or maintenance

Lloyds Bank has a great online banking service, but sometimes their service can go down when you least expect. Here you can check the latest Lloyds Bank service status and determine if Lloyds Bank is not working for online banking today. It’s obviously a very serious issue when customers cannot log in to Lloyds Bank … Read more

BT Broadband down or not working

While BT may be one of the most popular internet providers in the UK, it is also not free of problems with users constantly having problems with BT broadband down or not working. Whether it is broadband issues, or problems with the BT Sport app in relation to an outage, this is where you can … Read more

Thorpe Park website down for maintenance

The Thorpe Park website is used to showcase all of this theme parks rides and also, to purchase tickets. When promotions are on, such as the Thorpe Park 12p tickets we could see servers go down and the website enter maintenance.

Netflix Down and Login Problems

Netflix rivals most other streaming services delivering a large collection of movies and TV show boxsets. Like most services with servers, they can run into problems.

ESPN down or streaming problems

When ESPN goes down it is common for problems to take place during popular football games and other sports, as this could be when demand is at its highest.

Google Drive down

When Google Drive is down today it will cause problems with a number of services using this cloud platform, which include Slides, Sheets, and Docs.

CloudFlare down and status

CloudFlare allows website owners to offload some of the pressure when serving high traffic, or to deliver faster web pages from India to USA, or from the UK to Canada due to various data centers.

Is Battle.net down? Status and problems

Those looking to see if Battle.net is down today might be doing so after meetings problems when trying to access the website homepage, or even within certain games by Blizzard Entertainment.

IMDB down or boards maintenance

The Internet Movie Database is known for providing quick ratings to films that some people use to decide on what to watch, and of course what TV Shows or Movies are not worth watching.

Alexa.com down or server error

When Alexa.com goes down or hits various server errors, then those checking for website traffic stats and other insightful information would need to use another service like Similar Web.

Amazon Prime down or Instant video problems

When Amazon Prime Instant video is down, problems will most likely be felt on multiple platforms that include streaming on PS4, Xbox One, iPad, mobile operating systems, Fire OS Set-top boxes, Smart TVs, and many other devices.

Is Fark.com down? Problems reported

Fark problems stop a global audience receiving the news they count on from a portal favored by many. Is Fark.com down? If you are asking this today about the popular news website.

SNAP EBT down? Status of problems

When reports arrive in regard to SNAP EBT going down or experiencing problems today, then this will impact thousands in need of using the government scheme that helps people using this food stamp coupon replacement program.

Is 4chan down? Problems

The 4chan website is one of the most basic discussion forums online, but its following love freedom of speech and the way this imageboard works with anonymous posting.

Reddit not working, Mobile App problems

The majority of Reddit outages are due to small glitches that see Reddit down for only a couple of minutes, as such it’s very unlikely to be due to maintenance.

NBC Sports Live Extra down? NPL Problems

NBC Sports Live Extra problems with this video streaming service, or NPL streams going down today will cause upset over busy periods and even more so on the weekend.

O2 website down

The O2 website services thousands of customers and when down it would mean no access to online billing, My O2 phone usage, and certainly no way of using the sign in page.

Is Dueling Network down? Problems

The Duelingnetwork.com website acts like a simulation of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card in an unofficial manner, but it’s popularity means problems will never be welcomed by the fans.

Wattpad login down

The Wattpad servers going down will mean their writing community will be blocked from creativity and also reading poems, stories, and articles.

Is YouTube down and not working?

YouTube is the biggest video provider and will not be working for different reasons on occasion, although the cause could be YouTube servers going down during the more extreme events.

Is AO3 down? Status and problems

Archive of Our Own is an open-source project that has its fair share of outages that impact the site run by volunteers, so you might be wondering is AO3 down today and trying to find out the current server status.

Neogaf.com down or problems

NeoGAF going down during popular news announcements or when vital information is needed, like the Xur location, will cause thousands to look elsewhere for the details.

Microsoft Azure cloud down

The Microsoft Azure cloud covers many locations around the globe and servers will go down without scheduled maintenance occasionally.

Indiegogo down

The Indiegogo website can attract millions of page views and in will go down today if thousands arrive in any given minute. If you see Indiegogo problems and cannot load their website, then you might be wondering if it’s only you and also why the downtime is taking place.

Is Tumblr down? Problems

Those wondering is Tumblr down today could be doing so within the Android and iOS app, or even directly at the website and on popular blogs.

N4g website down and offline

The N4g website is extremely popular with gamers and when its down, then news coverage is likely offline for thousands of visitors around the globe.