Tinder app problems or down

Those behind the Tinder dating app believe a single swipe can lead to a match that will change your life, which is all made possible with the aid of geolocation technology.

Zoom Down? and Current Problems

Zoom is a Video Communication Service, which allows people chat to more than one person at a time, mainly aimed for groups of friends, family or even business colleges to keep in contact over.

Apple Music App having problems and not working

For those of you who have some sort of Apple device, whether it may be an iPhone, MacBook, iMac or even iPod, you’ll know that Apple Music is a great way for you to listen to your favourite songs and artist, that’s if you choose to sign up for the monthly subscription of course.

Strava App Problems

Strava is an app, which can be downloaded on smartphones and used to measure the distance, time and route you exercised, whether it’ll be running or cycling.

Youtube Down? App Not Working

Over the years, Youtube has become a platform where more and more people are using to create content for their subscribers to watch and this can be to do with fitness, automotive, technology and more!

Facetime Not Working and Responding

As many of you know, FaceTime is a fantastic way for iOS users to stay in contact with each other, whether it’s long distance or short. Although with millions of people having either iPhones, iPads or even iMacs

TikTok App Problems

Over the past year TikTok has become a VERY popular platform and have built up millions and millions of users, which use the app on their smartphone or tablet devices.

NOW TV Not Working?

NOW TV has become one of the most well known ways for millions of people in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and Italy. It’s a great way for viewers to catch up on their favourite TV shows, sports games, racing and also films.

Venmo Not Working? and Problems

For those of you who don’t know, Venmo is a mobile payment service which is owned by PayPal. Venmo allows it’s users to transfer funds to others via a mobile phone app that can be downloaded through the App Store on iOS and also on Google Play for Android owners. However, both sender and receiver have to live within the U.S.

iOS 11.0.2 problems from users

Apple has just released their latest version of iOS which is iOS 11.0.2 but already we can see that there are lots of users who are complaining about problems and are looking for instant answers from Apple. We have created this page so you can quickly check what common iOS 11.0.2 problems there are and … Read more

Ladbrokes App or website login problems

Betting apps have become a massive part of UK culture whether you like it or not, with the Ladbrokes App one of the apps which is used by thousands of customers to get their fix on the biggest sporting events across the world. Unfortunately though we can see that the Ladbrokes App is prone to … Read more

Apple Events app problems or unavailable

There is always a lot of excitement in the air whenever a new Apple event is about to begin in the buildup to new product launches from the company. Apple has now released a very useful Apple Events app which you can download from the Apple Store, which works especially for Apple TV users who … Read more

Android 8.0 Oreo problems list

Android 8.0 Oreo is finally here, with many users able to get the first taste of Google’s new software thanks to taking part in the Android 8.0 beta program. As a result, there are going to be a list of Android 8.0 Oreo problems that occur in the weeks ahead so we thought it would … Read more

HBO Now or Go not working today

The HBO Now app gives access to a massive selection of TV shows and movies, all without the need to subscribe to a television package.

Elder Scrolls Legends server status when maintenance

Elder Scrolls Legends has become a hugely popular game since its launch on iPad and PC earlier in March 2017. Now it is available on iOS and Android but sometimes there are Elder Scrolls Legends problems which you want to check with other players when issues happen unexpectedly. We know that many players have had … Read more

Trello not working or website slow

Trello is the popular web-based project management application from Fog Creek Software which is used by millions of users on a day-to-day basis, helping them to run their business projects more effectively. At times though, you may see Trello not working properly, or the website running slow without warning. We also know that using Trello … Read more

OneDrive not working or problems today

OneDrive is the file storing cloud service from Microsoft that is used by millions of users around the world. Being web based, when OneDrive is down it can cause severe disruptions to users who require OneDrive to be available at all times of the day. Microsoft offers 5GB of free storage to all users which … Read more

Zoho not working today

Zoho is the popular provider of online services such as CRM, Zoho Mail and Zoho Pages. Small businesses have become very reliant on Zoho working at all times, but when issues happen it can cause severe disruption to the day-to-day running of a business. We’ve set up this page so you can quickly check Zoho … Read more

GroupMe not working or messages won’t send

GroupMe has become one of the most popular methods of communicating upon users, thanks to a very easy format which allows users to create multiple groups for friends to all chat at the same time and exchange various media as they please. As we have seen recently though, the GroupMe app can suffer from problems … Read more

Pokemon Duel server status for maintenance, errors

Pokemon Duel is the exciting new game that has just launched in the US and UK after initially being available in Japan only. This is the page you can come to, to report any Pokemon Duel problems with connection errors or just to check Pokemon Duel server status when maintenance is in effect. This game … Read more

Duolingo app, website not working with error

Duolingo is the fantastic new app or website that lets you learn new languages completely free, without any catch. It’s really amazing and features a great interface along with a whole collection of languages ready for users to conquer. At times though, you may experience difficulties with Duolingo down on the mobile app or website. … Read more

Disney Magic Kingdoms problems after update

Disney Magic Kingdoms is the popular app from Gameloft which features all of your favorite Disney characters in an addictive adventure which allows you to get your Disney fix at all times on the go and at your leisure. The game has been receiving regular updates since launch, but also there has been notable Disney … Read more

iOS 10.1.1 problems after installing update

iOS 10 is now in the hands of millions of iPhone and iPad users across the world, but as usual a new software update from Apple does not come without its fair share of issues. We can see that many iPhone 5 and 6 users are asking themselves ‘should I update to iOS 10.1.1?’, after … Read more

Google Analytics not working with problems

Google Analytics has become a vital tool for inspiring bloggers and tech enthusiasts when wanting to check insights into how well a page is doing in terms of social interaction. At times though, Google Analytics problems can happen suddenly and without warning leaving thousands of writers without the tools they need to get them through … Read more

Now TV down and problems

Now TV has become one of the most popular methods of watching digital media in the UK, with the Now TV box combining all of the popular channels you need without the long subscription and expensive costs. It’s essentially pay as you go TV, but for those that just want to get a sample of … Read more

ITV Player not working

The ITV Player is one of the most popular on demand players in the UK for catching up on TV that you missed either online via desktop or usually using the ITV Player mobile app when coming home from work. On occasion though, there can sometimes be ITV player problems when you can’t log into … Read more

Clash of Kings problems

Clash of Kings is the popular RTS RPG multiplayer war game developed by Elex that lets you build massive armies, ready to do battle against friends and families all over the world on an epic battlefield. The game is still extremely fun, evident in the daily active player base and it’s great to see that … Read more

TheTrainLine app not working

TheTrainLine.com is one of the most popular ways to get cheaper train tickets on journeys across the UK. They have a good system where you can save money by booking in advance, but sometimes we can see that TheTrainLine app has problems and sometimes payments can not be completed properly. There is a TrainLine mobile … Read more

AVG Antivirus Free problems

AVG Antivirus is one of the most popular downloads for free antivirus software on PC and Mac. A lot of the debate right now is which piece of software is better between AVG Antivirus and Avast which offers a similar service. We’ve set up this page however for you to tell us whenever you are … Read more

Spotify not working, connection problems

Spotify has become the number one app for legal streaming music in the US, UK and other parts of the world. It is a fantastic seamless service when it works but on occasion, some of you may be suffering with problems. Both Spotify web and the app can go down and stop working at times … Read more

Easyjet app not working

Easyjet offers budget flights from the UK to major destinations across Europe. It is an airline which is now dependent on a smooth service by millions of travellers using the Easyjet website and the app on mobile for iOS and Android. On occasion though, you may see the Easyjet app or website not working due … Read more

Discord status after messages not sending

Discord is the popular go to internet messaging app now, used primarily by gamers to quickly send voice and text messages to one another whilst partaking in a heavy session. At times though, Discord problems can happen with the app not working when Discord can’t send or receive messages. When you encounter issues with the … Read more

Delta Airlines outage with app not working

Delta Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the US, with consumers requiring services to be running at all times in order to catch flights timely and prepare for upcoming journeys with the Delta Airlines app functioning properly. At times though, there can be a sudden Delta Airlines outage with the app not working … Read more

On Demand Channel 5 login problems or app down

On Demand TV is extremely popular in the UK and one service that consumers like to enjoy is Channel 5 On Demand. On occasion though, the app or website can suffer issues expectedly and the Channel 5 login nightmares can last hours. Channel 5 is popular for shows such as Home and Away, Neighbours and … Read more

Avast Free Antivirus problems

One of the best free antivirus software to download is undoubtedly Avast Free Antivirus. It’s the go-to program for most who are looking for a fix quick, but does it actually cause more problems then help with its constant need for updating and notification popups? Avast works like most other free antivirus software, working constantly … Read more

WhatsApp down or not working today

WhatsApp is the go-to instant messaging app for smartphones and now desktop computers with Whatsapp Web making it very convenient for users. Whatsapp is now an essential part of daily life for customers using their data allowance to send messages, pictures, video, phone calls and audio messages all directly through the app. That means Whatsapp … Read more

Windows 10 problems

Windows 10 is still far from perfect, with users continuing to complain about Windows 10 problems on a daily basis. Microsoft are doing their best to remedy the situation with updates that seem to take place each week, but can they really stop the influx of Windows 10 errors and bugs that keep happening without … Read more

App Store not working

There are times when Apple run into problems and suddenly the App Store is down and not working in your area. This can happen during iOS software launches or occasionally when there is an iCloud outage occurring. Apple provide their own App Store service status checker here, which gives a handy status alert for the … Read more

Pokemon Go server status when not working

Pokemon Go is the brand new game that has just launched on iOS and Android, allowing users to use their camera to capture Pokemon virtually around your location and interact with other players nearby. It has proved to be an instant success, although we can see that there has been some initial problems with Pokemon … Read more

Minecraft Pocket Edition app problems

If you are a regular player of Minecraft Pocket Edition on iOS or Android, this is the page when you can check the Minecraft PE server status and find out if the game is down or not working in your area. Mojang regularly update the game with new patches and there’s usually an intensive beta … Read more

Is AOL Mail down

AOL Mail is a free web-based email (webmail) service provided by AOL. The service is sometimes referred to as AIM Mail where AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger which is AOL’s instant messaging service. During the summer of 2012, AOL Mail got a new look, its first significant overhaul in five years. Despite the preference … Read more

iMessage not working or down

iMessage has become an essential app for users who don’t like to use Whatsapp but want that cross-platform messaging capability between iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X. At times though there are moments when iMessage is not working and messages sent to other iMessages are not received at all, or heavily delayed. There’s also times … Read more

BBC Sport app problems

The BBC Sport app is probably in the top 5 mobile apps that users love to go to, to get the latest sports news in the UK – especially for expats outside of the country. On occasion though, the BBC Sport app can stop working and can suffer problems during live stream events. We’ve seen … Read more

Clash Royale maintenance break

Clash Royale is now the go to game for many mobile users, with Supercell splitting their team up into two to deliver Clash Royale content on top of the ever popular Clash of Clans. Just like CoC though, Clash Royale maintenance breaks happen frequently and this is where you can report any issues with the … Read more

BBC iPlayer app not working

If the BBC iPlayer app is not working it could be on a number of platforms with popular choices being iPad, Android, Smart TVs and FreeSat, but there’s hundreds more options available.

Instagram problems or app down

Photo-sharing from mobile devices is done through many platforms and one of the most popular is Instagram. When users run into problems or find the app servers down, then this can stop that vital share you needed to make.

Candy Crush problems or server down

Candy Crush problems range from no Internet connection being found due to various reasons, the Candy Crush server going down for everyone globally, or game glitches like freezing in the reward chamber.

Skype down or problems

Skype is one of the most popular chatting, video chat, and voice calling VOIP platforms that is integrated with Smart TVs, computers, and multiple platforms using apps.

BT Yahoo Email down or problems

Connecting to your BT Internet and Mail services should be without problems most of the time, although some would disagree after receiving a lot of issues with BT email servers offline more than they’ed like.

Apple Music Radio not working

Apple Music Radio might not be working for people in various countries for a number of reasons that could include their country not being supported just yet, problems with the latest iOS update, or even server maintenance and planned downtime.

Argos website, app down or very slow

The Argos website normally goes down along with the companies apps on iPhone, Android, and iPad. There’s also other problems reported by UK shoppers, which include maintenance messages and sign in problems.

Snapchat problems or down for maintenance

Snapchat servers rarely go down and current problems normally focus on stories not posting and some people’s messages going black, which can be felt on all platforms with Android and iOS being most used.

Natwest app problems or down

When the Natwest app is down on iPhone you might see the error message below, which we took a screenshot during a recent outage.

PayPal website down or app problems

The PayPal website and app for Android and iPhone allows for simpler payments without traditional problems, although this isn’t always the case.