Pokemon Duel server status for maintenance, errors

Pokemon Duel is the exciting new game that has just launched in the US and UK after initially being available in Japan only. This is the page you can come to, to report any Pokemon Duel problems with connection errors or just to check Pokemon Duel server status when maintenance is in effect.

This game offers a great alternative to Pokemon Go with a completely different system in where players need to strategize with their carefully selected 6 Pokemon if they intend on emerging victorious against other players online in real time.


With many other multiplayer apps though, there can be many problems especially at launch. We know straight away that one of the biggest Pokemon Duel problems is a ‘Text not Found’ error which is frustrating many players. Many have also said that Pokemon Duel keeps crashing.

Is Pokemon Duel down on Friday April 12, 2024 and not working in your area? Report your server status below and keep checking back when we’ll update you in the discussion section whenever maintenance is on.

Please tell us any other problems that you see with the game and we’ll try to help.