Player Unknown Battlegrounds servers down or lag

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is easily one of the most popular online shooters that a lot of gamers are loving right now – recent data also showing that the game is being played by more users than GTA V at the moment.

Having said that though, we have seen from our own experience that the servers tend to go down quite frequently for the game, either for emergency maintenance or problems that suddenly occur and stop players logging in.


Another big problem that we have noticed is Player Unknown Battlegrounds server lag, with players constantly complaining about rubber banding issues, the game also suffering from delays when reloading weapons and opening doors.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds or PUBG servers down on Saturday February 24, 2024 for you? Let us know your server status at the moment and check back here with other players whenever there are problems to see if it is widespread or just an isolated issue and we’ll try to help out.