O2 website down

The O2 website services thousands of customers and when down it would mean no access to online billing, My O2 phone usage, and certainly no way of using the sign in page. The telecommunications and Internet is favoured by many to the like of EE, Vodafone, and other providers, but patience can run thin when there’s no O2 signal and lots of website problems.

We have setup this page, as a way for users to connect when running into problems and finding the O2 website down. Also, our editors will provide updates along with the Product Reviews community to show readers they are not alone when issues arise.


Is the O2 website down on Thursday July 25, 2024? When we have seen outages and sign in problems in the past, they have come with different error messages. One of these stated, “Sorry, but this application is currently unavailable”. This message appears when you cannot sign in, although we would love to hear if you have any issues today and the exact issues being faced, so leave a comment below.