Nest service down, Cam or Thermostat problems

When the Nest service is down for their Cam or Dropcam, then the disruption can impact users in many ways, especially when outages take place on weekends. If you are wondering whether the Nest Cam is still down, or need help with your Nest thermostat problems, then this page can help find a solution.

You can access the support pages online for Wi-Fi connection and camera troubleshooting at, or take a look at Nest service status reports by Product Reviews readers below to spot major outages.

Is the Nest service down for you on Tuesday April 23, 2024? Report your problems with the Cam and leave status updates below, as this helps spot patterns by location and lets others know they are not alone.

Our editors will also leave official statements, recall details, and further network information in regard to both Nest Cam and major Thermostat product issues. Again, remember to report any issues you have as well.