down or problems

NeoGAF going down during popular news announcements or when vital information is needed, like the Xur location, will cause thousands to look elsewhere for the details. For some, problems and if it’s down today will make them wait until the servers return considering they trust only this forum and its discussion threads.

You might have known the video games website since its days as Gaming-Age Forums, although better known by millions as NeoGAF today. While it’s independently hosted, these servers can be impacted by too much traffic during busy times and you might see down today as a result of such news or events.


Is down for you on Tuesday June 18, 2024? If there’s no news on the official Twitter, then leave what problems you have below and help others to show they are not alone. It’s common for gamers to ask if NeoGAF is down or not, as local networking and ISP problems could be to blame. We will list official statements and major outages on this page with an update.