National Lottery Website Down? and Issues

The National Lottery, as many of you will know, is for people to take part every Wednesday and Saturday night in an opportunity for them to win a jackpot and that could mean one lucky winner, winning what could potentially be well into the millions.

Although, those who participate could win some money back if their specific numbers have been called out. So with this being throughout the entire of the UK, you can imagine the amount of issues and problems that the Official National Lottery Website has when people are trying to sign into their accounts.

Is the National Lottery Website down for you on Friday April 19, 2024? If you find yourself having some trouble with the website, then do feel free to let us know in the comment section, which is located below. By doing so, our writers and our Product Reviews readers will be able to help you with the current situation until the problem is resolved.

In the meantime, you’re able to find the help page on the National Lottery, here.