Mortal Kombat X servers down or problems

The new Mortal Kombat X game came to PS4 and Xbox One with graphical improvements, but not without problems that included load up and crashing issues on PS4 after launch. These appeared after the first game patch for some, but others complained they remained even after the MKX 1.2 update with notes not featuring a fix.

Mortal Kombat X problems

Comments from Product Reviews readers talk about MKX will crash at start up on PS4, although it’s worth noting many other gamers haven’t had any crashes or freezing, so this could be an isolated problem. We have noticed some improvements after a quick review, and the latest updates that fixed crashing among other glitches.

Do you have any problems with Mortal Kombat X on Sunday April 21, 2024? We have heard about a few other issues like the servers going down on occasion, not being able to send game invites, so remember to leave a server status update along with any bugs you’ve noticed below.