Microsoft Azure cloud down

The Microsoft Azure cloud covers many locations around the globe and servers will go down without scheduled maintenance occasionally. When problems strike, then this Azure cloud outage page will detail problems by user status updates and official press statements, or social comments made from Microsoft accounts.

Microsoft Azure is a popular computing platform in Australia, Central US, across Europe, Asia, Brazil, and other regions. The collection of services include storage, networking, mobile, databases, computing, and analytics to help users save both time and money.


Is Microsoft Azure cloud down for you on Monday May 27, 2024? If there’s issues then please leave your status and problems below, or read official updates that our editors provide information on when we spot outages.

Update July 3: The Azure status page has listed some problems that started at just gone 1AM UTC with services in Australia East. This might cause connection issues, but the engineers are aiming to mitigate resources to fix the issues today. Updates will land on the status page every hour, or sooner if needed and our editors also featured this story in PR news.