Madden Mobile 17 server maintenance

Madden Mobile 17 is finally upon us, with Rob Gronkowski the new face of a brand new season which fans are really excited about. We’ll keep track of any Madden Mobile 17 server maintenance here, always ensuring that you are back on the game as soon as possible.

This year, you’ll want to log in every day as EA are bringing back the Madden Mobile 17 Live and Blitz Events which will give you even more chance to win some nice rewards in terms of daily login bonuses.

As always though, there will be times when Madden Mobile 17 servers are not working, due to scheduled maintenance or just sudden problems that EA will need to fix.


Is Madden Mobile 17 down for you on Saturday July 13, 2024? Give us your status at the moment and tell us whenever there are problems with the game so you can use this page to keep updated with other players.