Killing Floor 2 PS4 servers not working

Killing Floor 2 has recently launched for free on PS4, thanks to being included in the PS Plus lineup as of June 2017. However, straight away we can see that many of you are already suffering from Killing Floor 2 server problems on PS4.

The first-person shooter is developed by Tripwire Entertainment and has recently seen a greater influx of players joining in on PS4 since going free, having initially launched on PC back in 2016.

We can see though that there are Killing Floor 2 matchmaking problems on PS4 and the developers have recently said that at times their matchmaking system can go down completely which sometimes requires hours until it is fixed.


Killing Floor 2 servers down for you on Thursday July 25, 2024 with the same problems mentioned above? Let us know your status below and how long the servers have been unavailable for in your area and we’ll try to help.

Keep an eye on official maintenance notices which we will post below in the comments section to keep you updated.