John Lewis & Partners Website Down and Login Issues

This page has been designed to help John Lewis & Partners customers when John Lewis & Partners themselves have an outage and this could be anything from their official website being down to members having login issues, which as you can imagine can cause some upset to users.

Although this doesn’t happen very often, there’s always the off chance that this could well happen along with other issues that have happened in the past such as the gift card balance enquiry systems being down and some customers even mentioning that they’re unable to process to the items in their basket.

Is John Lewis & Partners having problems on Thursday July 25, 2024? So therefore, if you’re finding yourself having some trouble when trying to gain access to the official John Lewis & Partners website to browse, or even shop, or you’re struggling to login to your account then do feel free to leave a comment in the section, which is located below, with all of the important information.