iOS 11.0.2 problems from users

Apple has just released their latest version of iOS which is iOS 11.0.2 but already we can see that there are lots of users who are complaining about problems and are looking for instant answers from Apple.

We have created this page so you can quickly check what common iOS 11.0.2 problems there are and to see if other users are having the same problems as you so you can get to the root of the issue.

So far, iOS 11.0.2 problems include the following after installing:

– Apple Music errors which say ‘Cannot Open, this content is not authorised.’
– Keyboard lags on iPhone 7 input
– In Messages ‘unread’ flag isn’t changing to ‘read’.
– sudden auto reboots and apps crashing on iPhone 6S
– general battery life drain


Have you experienced any of the same iOS 11.0.2 problems on Sunday April 14, 2024 as mentioned above? If you have a new problem let us know before and we’ll see if there are any fixes for you.

How bad is battery life right now for you, as this seems to be the biggest complaint yet again on older devices running iOS 11.