IMDB down or boards maintenance

The Internet Movie Database is known for providing quick ratings to films that some people use to decide on what to watch, and of course what TV Shows or Movies are not worth watching. When the IMDB server is down, or even if a section is closed like we have seen in the past with IMDB boards maintenance, then this stops fans getting the information they want right now.

There’s a range of problems that come arrive today with IMDB, as we mentioned above with the message boards, but also top movie listings, cinema schedules, and even a total outage in rare cases.


Is IMDB down on Thursday July 25, 2024? Status updates for the servers and different sections of this popular entertainment website will be left by Product Reviews editors, and our community below. If you spot outages, server problems, or category related issues, then detail them below along with the platform being used to access this information.