iCloud Mail status down, service not working

Apple does a good job keeping all of their different online services up and running without any problems, 99% of the time. However when iCloud Mail is down for users suddenly, it can obviously create huge problems with consumers relying on sending and receiving mail at all times.

Many people use iCloud Mail as their number one email preference as opposed to any other competition. It has proven to be an extremely useful service as it’s always up and never seems to have maintenance windows from Apple’s side.

However, there are times when problems can happen and when they do you should always check the iCloud Mail service status here to see if it is down for you in a certain location.


Is iCloud Mail down right now for you and you can’t send or receive mail on Sunday April 21, 2024? Leave your own status below and you can get help from the community in finding out if an iCloud mail outage is global or just affecting one area.