Hearthstone server down for maintenance

Scheduled Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft server maintenance will in most cases take the game down on Android, iOS, iPad, and Windows at the same time. The online collectible card game is playable through browsers and mobile apps, although the free-to-play game offers ways to spend money through card and DLC purchases.

While the most dedicated players continue to purchase new card sets and expansion packs, it’s these rewarded players that will be upset the most when their favorite game runs into problems on multiple platforms. Considering there’s over 30m players worldwide, numbers in 2015, it’s clear any disruption will be felt globally by many.


Is Hearthstone down for you on Wednesday May 29, 2024? If you have problems accessing the servers, then this will be due to maintenance, local network issues, or something else completely. To find out about scheduled maintenance and if it’s not just you having issues, read community feedback and leave any problems you have right now.