Gwent servers down on PS4, Xbox One with problems

Gwent is the popular card game from CD Projekt Red, developers of The Witcher 3. The game is free to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC but sometimes gamers cannot play when Gwent servers are down with an unknown error message or due to other problems.

When the Gwent servers are not working for you on your platform, you can come to this page to check the status of the servers and find out if Gwent is down for just you or for everyone else at the same time.

Is Gwent down on Saturday July 13, 2024 with server problems on PS4, Xbox One or PC right now? Help us identify how widespread the problems are with Gwent so CD Projekt Red can fix them quickly and get you back into the game!

Leave a comment below if you are having Gwent problems today and we’ll try to help.