Guitar Hero Live online problems with error code

Guitar Hero Live may not to be for everyone’s tastes, but for musical video game lovers and those who love rhythm games in general – it’s still a must have game for living room entertainment.

The game provides a decent amount of fun offline with the on-disc soundtrack, but the real fun is through GHTV where players can play through a curated set of playlists at different times of the day or use ‘Play’ credits to play through favourites within the expanding catalog.

We have noticed though that the Guitar Hero Live mode can have many problems online. Specifically, there’s many complaints that users can’t connect to Guitar Hero Live online, with various error codes appearing all the time.

Frequent Guitar Hero Live error codes that we’ve seen include Sandstone, Sovite and Flint. Activision actually has a list of all Guitar Hero Live error codes here and details on how to fix them.


Is Guitar Hero Live down on Monday March 4, 2024 for you with any of the error codes highlighted above? Give us your status below and keep checking this page as we’ll update whenever there are any live problems with the game.