GTA V Online down or problems

Grand Theft Auto V problems can be tied to one platform, or on all systems that include PC, PS4, Xbox One, and older consoles. When GTA V servers go down, then status updates will come from the players and Rockstar themselves.


If there is any problems with GTA Online and its servers, we will publish updates on this page from the community and official statements. You can leave issues, bugs, and errors you are seeing below along with the platform you’re playing this open world game on.

Some frequent problems with GTA include the messages ‘Rockstar Game services unavailable’ on PS4, PC and Xbox One so let us know if you get this server error on your game.

Is GTA V down on Monday June 24, 2024? If there’s problems today, then you will find plenty of issues being reported below, if not and you have issues make sure to detail them on this page.