Go Daddy down with DNS problems today

Go Daddy or GoDaddy is the popular web hosting and internet domain provider, serving millions of customers globally with users relying on their websites to be up and running at all times of the day without problems.

As many users will tell though this isn’t always possible and we know that there can often be Go Daddy problems, usually related to DNS where customers will see the error message “server DNS address could not be found.” pop up at the worst times.


We also know that other Go Daddy problems including email being down and also the Go Daddy Domain Manger (dcc.godaddy.com) timing out and Sever Status websites not working as well. When this happens to you, please report your problem here and you can check with other users to see if they are affected as well.

Go Daddy down on Thursday July 25, 2024 for you due to DNS problems or something else? Keep checking back on this page for alerts from PR editors when there is a Go Daddy outage ongoing.