GiffGaff Internet, text and signal problems

GiffGaff gained customers early on by offering amazing deals like unlimited Internet and plenty of other freebies. The mobile phone network runs as a virtual operator under O2 in the UK, as such some problems and signal issues could relate to both GiffGaff and O2.

Common GiffGaff problems today include Internet not working, iPhone iMessage and sending text issues, and trouble using the service abroad. If you want to know why “My GiffGaff” is not working, or have bad signal, then an answer might come on this page if you see loads of reports from Product Reviews readers.


Is GiffGaff down on Saturday July 13, 2024? If you have problems right now with 3G, 4G, low signal bars, or issues sending text and using Internet then let others know they’re not alone by sharing your issues below. Remember to detail the mobile phone model and location, just in case current problems are localised or tied to a certain Android / iOS update.

Our editors will publish press and social statements on this page where possible, but remember to share such details if you see confirmation before us.