FIFA Mobile server problems or maintenance

FIFA 17 may be the most popular game right now on console, but on mobile it is all about FIFA Mobile with fans getting stuck into the updated version of FIFA Mobile 17 which also comes with a fully fledged Ultimate Team mode.

Unfortunately though, things haven’t been perfect since launch. The app has only just come out but we are already seeing a lot of FIFA Mobile server problems and frequent maintenance which is stopping players from enjoying the game.

If this is frustrating you, you can come here to report any FIFA Mobile problems on iOS or Android and tell us about any errors you see on the mobile version.


Is FIFA Mobile down on Wednesday July 24, 2024 for maintenance or other reasons for you? Let us know what problems you have been having in the game in relation to Ultimate Team or other areas of the game.

We’ll keep updating you here whenever maintenance is ongoing or if EA report a serious outage that requires long periods of downtime.