FIFA 17 beta server status, Ultimate Team not working

We are ready to do it all again, with FIFA 17 about to go live for gamers offering another FIFA 17 Ultimate Team mode and this year, a new career mode with FIFA 17 The Journey which everyone is excited about.

We know that a lot of problems can happen in terms of FIFA 17 servers not working due to maintenance or other issues, so we’ve set up this page so you can always check FIFA 17 server status and interact with other FIFA players.

Before the FIFA 17 release date of September 29, EA will launch the FIFA 17 closed beta in August. That means all eyes will be on the FIFA 17 beta servers working smoothly, so when problems happen tell us below.


Is FIFA 17 down on Tuesday April 23, 2024 with servers not working for you? Give us your status if you are playing on the beta and what specifically is happening if you can’t get into a FIFA 17 match online.