Fallout Shelter app freezing problems

The Fallout Shelter app launched in June, 2015 with freezing problems and this was seen on the iPhone platform from day one. Owners of popular Android smartphones were wondering why the Fallout Shelter app for Android was missing at launch, and started to dissect the E3 keynote to better understand when they would see a release date for their chosen mobile platform.

Perfect to pass time until the Fallout 4 game releases in 2015, Fallout Shelter is an app that allows mobile gamers to build a shelter and protect dwellers inside from the wasteland. It won’t be a simple task and you will need to keep the people inside happy in many ways, so if you are ready for that challenge you can download right now from iTunes.


Do you have Fallout Shelter freezing problems, or is this app down for you on Tuesday April 23, 2024? Teething issues with Fallout Shelter were clear with the app crashing during launch, but if these issues haven’t been fixed at the time you’re reading this, then leave what iPhone model you own and problems being experienced today.