EE status when no signal or problems

The Everything Everywhere phone network powers almost 30 million people in the UK, so if you have signal problems today you might ask is EE down? Issues will range by area and having no signal could be local to your city, or even street.

Now that EE is well over 5 years old, the phone operator incorporates customers from Orange and T-Mobile as well in the UK. Often promoted as the largest mobile phone network in the UK, when outages take place they are far reaching.

EE network problems

Is EE down on Wednesday July 24, 2024 with signal problems? If you want to know the latest network status, or if you are not receiving calls from Orange or EE, then share your problems with a rough location below. This helps other Product Reviews readers understand where network issues are taking place, so you can also spot problems in certain towns, or even with select phones.