FIFA 17 servers down for FUT, Web App

EA Sports latest FIFA 17 web app and console versions on PS4 and Xbox One will be impacted when servers go down, especially with demand during the initial uptake and popularity of trying the new FIFA 17 web app which can result in crashing or other problems. This is not always the case, but on many occasions you will experience FIFA 17 server problems when the status of all EA online games changes.

The latest FIFA 17 Ultimate Team can be played on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and older generation consoles. There’s been a number of updates to this section of the game, but generally it will be the same experience you know and love.


If creating a dream squad isn’t your thing, then signing loan players for a number of football matches might be what you love to do most. Either way, if a PS4, PC, or Xbox server error occurs in FIFA 17 then you could end up missing out on all the fun for some time.

Are you having problems with FIFA 16, FIFA 17 web app, FIFA 17 Ultimate Team servers on Saturday July 13, 2024? Leave your server status update, or other issues below and tell us what platform you are on.