Is Dueling Network down? Problems

The website acts like a simulation of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card in an unofficial manner, but it’s popularity means problems will never be welcomed by the fans. When the Dueling Network server is down, or you have issues connecting through the login, then status updates will be left by our editors and the community.

In the past we have seen Dueling Network unable to contact server errors, page not found messages, and also the server running slow due to extra demand. If you have a problem signing in or even accessing the homepage, then leave your rough location and details of any error messages. Also see if others are reporting issues right now.


Is Dueling Network down on Saturday July 13, 2024? If you are one of the four million registered users and have problems playing today, check if you are not alone and share details of issues below. Our editors will also leave official statements when they arrive.