Driveclub problems or servers down

Driveclub is the racing game Evolution Studios wanted to build for years, but they didn’t have the power until the PS4 console released. The game didn’t launch as smoothly as the developers wanted, in fact the PS Plus Edition has been a nightmare for those that desired this promised version.

Other than the Driveclub launch and matchmaking problems, you will see servers go down on occasion due to unplanned or a maintenance schedule. One of the biggest planned server upgrades took place in June, 2015, as this cleared the way for PlayStation Plus Edition to release and unlimited players in Challenges.


Is Driveclub servers down on Thursday July 25, 2024? If there’s problems with servers or certain game modes, then this will be evident from the feedback left by Product Reviews readers below. You can also leave Driveclub server status updates yourself to gain help from others, which will help locate PS4 problems in certain regions.

When official statements are left about scheduled downtime, or unforeseen issues, then we will update this page with the statement.