Destiny 2 server maintenance or error code

Destiny 2 is the new game from Bungie and it is no secret that millions of gamers around the world will be playing this game from the minute the servers are live.

With great popularity though comes a great challenge for Bungie – trying to keep the Destiny 2 servers online as hordes of gamers all try to log into online multiplayer at once.

The Destiny 2 beta servers may suddenly go down and we have also heard that since the servers were turned on, many of you have been seeing the Destiny 2 error code Termite which comes with the following problem: “Failed to download configuration files from Bungie servers. Please try again”.


Destiny 2 servers down for you on PS4, Xbox One or PC on Thursday July 25, 2024? Let us know what problems you have with the game, if you are seeing the same error code as above or a brand new one that is stopping you from playing online.

When Destiny 2 maintenance is on, you can also visit this page to check server status with other players and find out when the servers will be back up.