CloudFlare down and status

CloudFlare allows website owners to offload some of the pressure when serving high traffic, or to deliver faster web pages from India to USA, or from the UK to Canada due to various data centers. While this service aims to help thousands of websites, on occasion those that use it get hit thanks to CloudFlare going down and this impacts their site status.

These situations are extremely rare, although you can count on CloudFlare problems at some point in the year even if short-lived. The big named websites that use CloudFlare will change from year-to-year, but we have seen Reddit, N4G, 4Chan, and others take advantage of the benefits.


Is CloudFlare down on Monday April 15, 2024? The current server status will be revealed by user reports below and also websites impacted. Sometimes you might think a certain site like 4Chan is down, but in fact it’s CloudFlare with the problems causing slow loading. We will offer official status updates from their Twitter support, or other channels when these are published.