BT Broadband down or not working

While BT may be one of the most popular internet providers in the UK, it is also not free of problems with users constantly having problems with BT broadband down or not working. Whether it is broadband issues, or problems with the BT Sport app in relation to an outage, this is where you can report them.

Many of you will now be running BT Infinity services in the UK, but the superfast broadband can often stop working or suffer connection problems in various places. You can see confirmation on this here at the BT Broadband service status website, showing a list of all the affected cities.


Is BT Broadband down right now in your area on Saturday July 13, 2024? Post your status below in the comments section and look out for updates from editors on when BT Broadband suddenly stops working. Also check with other readers as a quick heads-up to see if other users can’t connect to BT broadband in a particular area.