Battlefield 1 server maintenance, lost connection to EA

Battlefield 1 is the new game in the long running series from DICE, with Battlefield 1 going back to World War 1 roots with support for 64 players on PS4, Xbox One and PC for epic gaming moments.

As with any other Battlefield game though, there will obviously be various Battlefield 1 server problems with frequent maintenance or just overload with everyone trying to play at the same time.

The Battlefield 1 beta starts very soon, so you can use this page to tell us when Battlefield 1 servers are not working in your area. One of the most common Battlefield 1 errors that we have seen is when it pops up “You have lost connection to the EA servers”.

You may also be frustrated when seeing a Battlefield 1 ‘Failed to Join server, the game can’t be joined’ error each time in the Server match matching menu.


Is Battlefield 1 down on Thursday July 25, 2024 for server maintenance or other issues? Report your Battlefield 1 server status here and check what time Battlefield 1 servers are back up when EA take them offline.

We’ll be updating this page regularly, so keep checking back at this page for live Battlefield 1 server status updates.