Is AO3 down? Status and problems

Archive of Our Own is an open-source project that has its fair share of outages that impact the site run by volunteers, so you might be wondering is AO3 down today and trying to find out the current server status? This page will receive feedback from our readers and official statements left by Archive of Our Own volunteers, or the developers behind this website.

If you enjoy reading the “Transformative Work” found at, but are currently having problems getting connected, then leave a status update below. Or, see if others are reporting server outages to prove you’re not alone with current issues.


Is AO3 down on Thursday July 25, 2024? You will notice updates below from our editors if this non-profit archive has issues right now. Of course, if we haven’t updated but you see the service down, then leave your own report as well.

Update July 29: About 4AM UK time, we received information that the developers were investigating server issues. Later we heard a fix is “taking longer than expected” and that “all the OTW servers are down”, then finally another report said they were contacting their ISP for help.