DOOM 1.05 update for new PS4, Xbox One features

By Alan Ng - Jul 4, 2016

How are you getting on with DOOM so far? The recently released shooter has had some great reviews after launch and now we look ahead to the next DOOM update on PS4, Xbox One and PC, which should be the DOOM 1.05 update on PS4 and Xbox One.

DOOM Current Version history: Gamers should now be on 1.04 on all platforms, which ID software launched at the end of June.

Bethesda hasn’t said when the next DOOM 1.05 update for PS4, Xbox One and PC will be but we have a feeling that it will be soon. You can keep an eye on the Twitter link above for the latest news from Bethesda, but typically there will be at least one major update per month for the game.


The good news is that when the next DOOM patch is out, we’ll be updating this article with the details for you so keep checking back.

We know many of you are loving the game right now, but what changes would make it better that you would like to see in the DOOM 1.05 patch notes? List them below and we’ll be back soon with some official news.

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  • Mantis

    Id like a patch which fixes the trophy glitch for ‘what else ya got?’ I have all challenges, secrets, colleables and all other trophies unlocked but this one did not. Its frustrating as i want the platinum for this game.

  • NgTurbo

    What new features do ID Software need to bring to the game in next update?

  • NgTurbo

    Doom 1.04 PS4 update now live, as we predicted. Anyone downloading?

    • NgTurbo

      Should be around 2.3GB guys!

  • John Hattam

    better textures and fix texture popping and more options for the hub like a helmet visor i would want to play with it on and that’s it for me

  • Matt

    Pulse grenade and lightning gun make online a chore… nerf that? …. maybe a free for all game mode in future dlc would be nice, would accommodate the idea of custom armor and colors nicely.

  • Nick

    IDKFA still won’t pop even after latest patch. Will this ever be fixed!

  • kmoore

    I would like to start story mode over w/ all my upgrades. Not just play the levels I already played, but start completely over w/ all my upgrades and continue to max out everything. I want everything reset like I am starting new but w/ all my weapons. Level 1 w/ the BFG and EVERYTHING reset.

  • kmoore

    I would like to start story mode over w/ all my upgrages. Not just play the boards I already played, but start completely over w/ all my upgrades and continue to max out everything.

  • Chance

    Give us a classic mode where you move faster with no classes only pistol and rocket launcher and add weapon pick ups

    • Chubzdoomer

      You can do something exactly like that with SnapMap.

  • LS M

    Nerf the damned shotgun. It’s so op I’m forced to use it but I don’t wanna

  • Richard

    I wasn’t awarded the IDKFA trophy and the what else ya got? Trophy is glitched too. Needs fixed so I can platinum.

  • Kami Kagerou

    I hope they patch up the Snapmap. There’s so much you can do with it, but they should add:

    – The pistol and chainsaw
    – Other playable demons besides the Baron
    – More map skins besides the UAC facility
    – Codex messages for “Campaign” maps

    • Louis Holwell

      When I played snapmap it just crashed my game and erased all my data so I hope that won’t happen.

  • Maxx

    – Fix Game Crashing
    – Game setting options

  • Angelo Santos

    I live in SE Asia, and my Doom update says 1.01 on my PS4. Yes, 1.01, not 1.02. It crashes my game every time I play it with the patch (Error CE-34878-0). But when I play without it (deleting or pausing the download), the game runs perfectly fine. And the rest of my games are okay, so I think it’s this 1.01 update which is the real culprit.

    • angel.d.saint

      Update: I finally got to update the game to the 1.02 patch, but still, the game crashes every time. I would already know the game is in trouble when the loading screen percentage is stuttering at the 90%+ range… 🙁

  • Brett

    Cool if they could patch the IDKFA trophy,I have met the requirements and havent been awarded the trophy.There are others on forums with the same issue,and the solutions that people have posted dont work.Also,in the Freeze Tag multiplayer mode,if players join a team mid-round,and everbody on that team dies,the round doesn’t end and everybody just has to wait for the time limit to expire.Also,I have fell through the map while in a glory kill sequence.

  • Dave

    6gb patch you say ! doesn’t beat Destiny TK 19gb patch required to play