Destiny 2 Await The World Eater quest secret

A lot of Destiny 2 players are getting excited right now after finding a mystery item in their inventory called Await The World Eater.

Everyone wants to know what to do with this item and what it is for, so for those that don’t know Await the World Eater is a quest item which will be needed for later use.

How to complete the Destiny 2 Await The World Eater Quest:

This is the burning question that nobody knows the full answer to yet. It is strongly believed that it is attached to the upcoming Leviathan raid which will begin next week.


Most of you will be picking this up as a random drop, but for now don’t worry about taking up one power weapon slot as we have a feeling you are going to be needing it once the raid starts.

Await The World Eater could be the beginning of unlocking a beautiful exotic that all players will be going crazy for trying to find in a few week’s time.

Once the raid starts and more info on the World Eater quest is available, we will update this article. For now, give us your theories on what you think it does and if you also found it as a random drop in Nessus.



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