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Denied: Opera Mini iPhone App?

As we reported recently Opera Mini is waiting for approval from Apple. It still looks as if Opera will be rejected by Apple for the iPhone. Opera was submitted for approval on the 23 of March, but there is no official news on whether it has been accepted. There are some stories on the web saying that it has been rejected, but Opera has not received any news yet and are promising updates as soon as they do.

Apple do not seem to want any direct competition for their own browser Safari, which Apple would not like to see die from users switching to a rival. A lot of iPhone users would be very disappointed if Opera is rejected, but Apple always seem ready to squash any competition to their mobile devices.

Apple has stopped rival software in the past that would compete with their own operating systems. What do you think are apple about to reject Opera Mini to the App Store? Let us know your views on this. For the full story please go here.

Written by Gary Johnson

Gary has a background in engineering and passion for motorcycles, gadgets, and home cinema. In his early years, his obsession for Hi-Fi technology would see him creating the perfect setup with a good ear for sound quality. While Gary is keen to write about most topics that PR covers, his love for phones finds him reporting a lot of news about applications for iPhone, Android, and other popular operating systems

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How is this a matter of competition? Does apple lose money if I use a different browser? No, they collect a portion of the money I spend on it and I'll still be using an iPhone. This browser war is just a pissing contest as far as microsoft and apple go, they don't make money off of them, and in apple's case they just want control.


Safari needs a little competition on the iphone. There are so many features and improvements that could be made to it and i think opera mini would force apple to make safari better.

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