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Dealbreaker For New iPad 2 Release Gets Named

Before buying a new gadget most of you will have a dealbreaker in mind, this could be the price or some feature it must have, and this goes for the Apple iPad 2 release as well. What will be your dealbreaker for iPad 2?

We’re hearing two features repeatedly from our readers, which they want on the iPad 2nd generation tablet, these are a USB port and SD card slot. While the latest Apple rumors point to these features not being included in the said device, you never know with Apple.

For now, lets say that the “unnamed sources” are correct, and the iPad 2 will not feature either of the above features, what would Apple’s answer be to those that need these features? The first guess would be a suggestion to buy adapters, but then why should you pay more for specs you wanted in the hardware itself. Should you be forced to buy extra items, especially when a USB port and SD card slot are industry standards?

Some business users will upgrade to the iPad 2 from the last generation, this would be a result of either reducing tax with expenses, or a need to have the latest tech, but the wise buyer would be looking for a dealbreaker, a feature the device must have.

We have received email from some readers who claim the USB port is the only reason they would buy an iPad, explaining they use flash drives all the time and that their data needs to be accessed by external hard drives via USB. Another reader went further by calling it “ridiculous” for not having such a small feature like an SD-card slot, or even micro-SD.

Bigger storage is always welcomed in the new iPad, but expansion via a slot or port is favored among PR readers. Do you feel the same way? Name your iPad 2 dealbreaker in the comments.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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I think you should choose the product and make your reviews more up beat – especially since there isn't an Ipad 2 ot yet and you clearly shouldn't have a beef with apple since most of your writing is about them lately. I don't need to say this but the 1st iPad wasn't just a great success, it had the best first generation product reviews of all time and it was also named the product of the decade by many – just google it. And while you're at it, try reading the reviews of all those companies that just copy… Read more »


Saying you're going to hold your breath till you turn blue or they give you a USB and SD slot is just plain childish and foolish. Apple offered an adapter that gives you both of those things for $30 WHEN THEY BROUGHT OUT THE FIRST IPAD. I HAVE ONE OF THESE AND IT WORKS GREAT!!!!! I can even plug a USB HUB into it and use multiple USB devices at the same time. If that's all I want that's not built in, well I've already got it. Go out and spend $30 and you can have it too. Then you… Read more »


how much does the ipad 2 cost??

Dave Baker
Dave Baker

USB is definitely a deal breaker, SD or TF & a camera would also be nice. I reckon any new iPad release on the 2nd will only be an additional model, not a replacement and we will have to wait until later in the year, say September for a new model. Apple is still advertising the iPad on TV, etc and sales are still buoyant, maybe with the iPad 1A release we may see a price reduction in the current models, but we will have to wait another 6 months for a real iPad 2. Just my thoughts mind –… Read more »


Try to educate people instead of just repeating wintelsolution for a failed idealogy.

USB is only needed if you need to connect something like a camera and extra storage. Apple already provides an adapter which works great and there are many cloud solution for shared storage.

Good luck trying to slow down the rampage

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