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Dead Rising 2: DLC Pack Release Date Schedule and Price Info

If you did not pre-order Dead Rising 2 you may have wondered if the pre-order bonus DLC will ever be available for purchase, the good news is it will soon be available, however at a price.

There are four DLC packs in total, each will cost 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, or $1.99 on PSN, a small price to pay in my opinion.

The first lot of DLC will become available on October 12th, this is called the Psychopath Pack, this will give you a bonus when using horror movie weaponry, such as axes, cleavers and chainsaws.

The second lot of DLC will launch on October 19th, this is called the Soldier of Fortune Pack, this gives you double ammo, a special bullet spray attack when using automatics and increases shooting and headshot accuracy.

The Sports pack will arrive on October 26th, basketballs etc will bounce more before stopping, also you will not get sick from drinking too much, you will earn more from gambling and you will gain more health from eating and drinking.

The most fun sounding DLC is the Ninja Pack, this will become available from November 2nd, once brought throwing items will do more damage and they will travel faster, also your stealth will be increased, which means zombies will have to be closer to you to detect you, finally you will gain bonuses when using the sword weapon.

If you could only buy one of the packs, which would you choose?

Source: JoyStiq

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  • Syko

    if you equip a piece of clothing from each one you get all the perks, so i've got the face mask (psyco) goggles(soldier) and so on you get my drift. Basically i have double the ammo, better damage resistance and attacks with axes etc, never throw up better gamling, throwing speed increase undetection and sword increase……….. I WIN.

  • TehReaper

    You only need to wear one of the parts of the costume for the effect to work. 4 costumes + 4 clothing spots for Chuck to wear = wear them all at the same time = Ultimate Chuck Greene.

  • stacey

    i think if u have all of them its just nice 2 have them im gettin all of them.

  • DJ123

    I just bought the Soldier Of Fortune City i love it!

  • shaun

    psyco one is crap

  • voorhees

    i already have the ninja and sports packs from pre order so deffo gunna get the other two. the best one for me sounds like the psycho pack, can be go all voorhees on the undead then!


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