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Dead Block: New Zombie Game Coming to PC, XBLA and PSN

If you thought that were already enough zombie-themed video games on the market, I’m afraid to say that you’re horribly wrong. Digital Reality has just announced a brand new game called Dead Block, which as you guessed it, features more of those popular undead characters.

According to a recent article over at, Dead Block is a third-person action defense zombie survival game, which is currently being developed by Hamburg-based Candygun Games. The game involves a number of characters, including Jack Foster, Foxy Jones and Mike Bacon.

The few remaining survivors — Mike (a boy scout), Foxy (a traffic warden) and Jack (a construction worker) – form an unlikely alliance, in order to protect themselves from the invading hordes of zombies. Players can avoid the zombies by building blockades, setting traps or using their weapons.

Besides the 10 single-player levels, the Dead Block game also offers up to four-player split-screen multiplayer and 8 multiplayer co-op levels in which players can fight side by side with their mates. The Dead Block game will be arriving in North America and Europe sometime later this year.

The game will be available on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Windows. We’ve embedded a trailer below this post, so you can check the game out for yourself. Do you like the sound of Dead Block?

Written by Tina Chubb

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