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Daylight Savings Time 2010: Your iPhone Story

As most of you are already aware, the planned move over to Daylight Saving Time in the US has caused quite a stir with iPhone and iPod Touch users, as a unique bug occured causing the alarm clock on devices to skip one hour.

When it first happened, not everyone was aware of this problem, and as a result of this, they found themselves waking up an hour later than normal. For those of you who got sucked into the DST issue, what effect did it have on your day-to-day schedule?

We’re guessing a lot of you got into work late because of the issue, and the excuse given to your superior must of been pretty good – ‘Hello, I’m late because my iPhone didn’t wake me up on time!’ How many of you missed your scheduled public transport because of your trusty iPhone?

Even though the US has now moved into Daylight Saving Time like Europe, iPhone users are still being cautious by resetting their alarms one hour earlier. Apple themselves stated that US iPhone and iPod Touch users still may have issues after the time change, and it wouldn’t be fixed up until they release iOS 4.2.

Do you have a story to tell due to the time changing over? Leave us a comment below.

Written by Alan Ng

Alan has been working for Product-Reviews since 2009 and became the Editor-in-chief in 2014. He has a passion for technology, the latest mobile phones and gadgets, and the gaming industry. Alan is a graduate of Canterbury Christ Church University and completed a B.A in Commercial Music in 2008. While expressing a keen interest in all areas that PR cover, you'll usually find Alan in the gaming section, where he'll be keeping enthusiasts up to date on all the latest news and reviews for consoles and PC.

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  • Michael

    Daylight savings time ended just fine for me, no alarm issues at all (11/07/10, 02:00) now this morning (11/11/10 04:00) the alarm woke me up on time, just like it should, but as I checked the time as I was walking out the door (04:30) the time fell back another hour to read 03:30. So it glitched 4 days later.

  • Roger

    I use the iPhone and (ugh) Microsoft Outlook to hold all my appointments, etc. It's a damn good thing that my dentist's assistant made a routine call to remind me of my appointment time as the stupid iPhone *moved* my appointment back one hour (then sync'd the mistake to Outlook), I live in Phoenix where we don't participate in DST. What's strange is that I've owned iPhones since the beginning and this was the first time there was ever an issue around the DST transition time.

  • Linda

    iPhone and 2 MacBook pros changed automatically. No problems here.

  • Jeff

    Apple fail. The time changed on my iPhone4, but the alarm didn't go off until I was on my way to work.

  • JCircle

    seems the best way would be to get rid of DTS 🙂

  • Stiles

    My clock changed, but my alarm went off an hour late. So I was an hour late to work. Big thanks to Apple, It would have been easy to at least send out an email to the Mobile Me accounts to let people know. I guess i have to check the web daily to see what the latest Iphone problem is going to be.

  • MarcoZ

    My alarm went off one our lanter when i was rushing to get to work. i like arriving early at work, so today i was on time. i have an iphone4 , and although i will not repalce with another brand i'm not stupid enough to say the it does not have problems.
    MZ, Washington DC

  • AppleAllTheWay

    This is a non-story! My phone worked perfectly and my alarm worked perfectly. Also, since the time change is on Sunday, most people had over 24-hours to check if their clock was correct or not, so only have themselves to blame if they missed work of Monday!!

  • Katie

    My iPod Touch 3G switched time zones from Hawaii to Tokyo and all of my map and location apps locate me near Tokyo. I've adjusted the time and changed the time zone at least five times today and within an hour it changes back. No idea what to do to fix it…everything I've read focuses on the iPhone, not iPod. The kicker is we don't change the clocks for DST!

  • Steve M

    I live in Arizona – we maintain the same time year round. However, I noticed that my phone did drop back an hour today (Nov. 7). When I got into "settings", I found that my phone had somehow changed its time zone region to 'Cupertino' (Apple's mother ship! – draw your own conclusions and conspiracy theories). I reset it to 'Phoenix', and all seems to be well.

  • Kellie

    I wasn't worried about my alarm the funny thing with all three of the iPhones in our house is they were 5 hours ahead of time instead of falling back one hour. We simply took them off automatic settings and set our phones manually and reset our alarms. The end of the world however did not happen.

  • Iphonegrrl

    My iPhone also worked perfectly including the alarm. Clearly another fake “story” by the Apple haters.

  • John Tate

    Errr, we are moving OUT of daylight savings time!!!! Summer is DST while winter is "normal time."

  • Joe

    No. We're going back to Standard Time. This article is wrong.

  • 229Mick

    iPhone Vista.

  • Kat

    I had no problem with the alarm. It went off just fine. However, the time on my phone adjusted to DST even though where I live we don’t have it. I had to turn my iPhone off and on again to correct it.

  • Phillip

    Worked just fine on my iPhone 4. Woke me up at 6:45am on time.

  • guygo

    We all know Apple doesn't make mistakes. It must be the NIST's fault.

  • bmftech

    I think people dont read and therefore are idiots, then say their stuff worked ok. read the article it is about an iphone bug. nothing else

  • Valentina Ganea

    I had no problem with my IPhone.

  • Frank Lyn

    Why would the story say someone would be LATE for work in any circumstances during the fall? Unless it fell back twice … save the "story" for next Spring when it *might* possibly be true.

  • Ray

    My iPod touch did just fine this am.

  • Darrow

    Being an Arizona resident my whole life, I have never participated in DST; in this time zone, we never set our clocks back. You can imagine, then, that it was quite a surprise to me that my iphone changed the time for me- I woke up this morning an hour late, and therefore got to work late. My phone is even set to Phoenix time, so this really shouldn’t have happened. What a sorry excuse to have to make to a boss, “Sorry my iPhone changed times and woke me up an hour late…” This whole situation was very inconvenient.

  • Phread

    It's, "Daylight Saving Time"; you idiot.

  • Themoose

    I've noticed that many people's phones were an hour off. Mine ended up being nearly seven hours off! I woke up at 8:56 am (the time on my alarm clock) and I looked at the time on my phone. It was 1:50 am! The hours and minutes are screwed up on my phone. The only thing that works for me is to manually set the time.

  • Jeremiah

    My wife and I both have iPhones, her's is a 3GS and mine is the iPhone 4. Both of our clock automatically rolled back by SEVEN HOURS! I took them off of automatic setting and set them manually. Moving them back to automatic shifts it seven hours again. No idea what the heck is going on. I'm thinking it might be something with the cell network, not the phones.

  • jjlwood

    My Iphone 4 rolled to the correct time. My wife's set it self to 9pm the night before. This morning I wake up to find my Iphone set to 3am at 10am. Not sure what that is about?

  • Tony S

    It’s daylight SAVING, not savings, time.

  • Mimi

    Obviously, this is a publicity stunt my apple. Any news is good news, free press. Now, this will be a topic of conversation all day. We all got sucked in by Steve jobs and his twilight zone!

  • Valkyrie

    My iphone clock has not changed. When I go into clock to make sure I was in my correct timezone–it's correct, but the clock on the face of my iphone is still wrong.

  • All Three

    So I have a blackberry, an android phone, and an iPhone 4, and all three have recurring alarms(I’m a heavy sleeper, and so multiple alarms reduce my risk of missing class or work). I woke up this morning to all three of them ringing at the correct time. And seriously, quit being dicks to everyone who has an iPhone! My android phone is my favorite phone, but seriously, iPhones are pretty damn awesome.

  • NotAFanBoy

    Wow, I can only imagine the comments if Microsoft had done the same thing on Windows or any of its devices! But Apple gets a pass huh? This leads me to believe that marketing trumps technology for most sheep…errr….people.

  • Android

    My Samsung Galaxy S had not problems.

  • jabberwolf

    Iphone and Apple with programming is typically retarded and kid like.
    While most others have no problem, Apple still struggles with DST fixes

  • Keith

    My iphone alarm would go off an hour early everyday for the past couple of weeks. It was never late. And yes, I checked to make sure that I didn't set the alarm to early. Every time it was set for 5am and the alarm without fail would go off at 4am.

  • Chris

    Not sure how you would be late for anything when you would be getting up an hour early if your phone doesn't adjust (unless you are in Arizona or another similar area). As several people have pointed out it is actually the end of Daylight Saving Time not the beginning of daylight savings time.

  • Johnny G

    This time of year… you would be an hour early for work if the time didn't change… not an hour late.

  • Jake S

    I live in Tucson, AZ and this morning my iPhone read 6am when it was indeed 7am. We dont observe DST. My iPhone was set to auto update time since I travel a lot for work. I had to manually set the time then recheck auto update. Seems to have worked for the clock, but my alarms are still off cause of the repeat bug. (yes, Apple has confirmed there is an issue.) Thank God I have clocks all over my place!!

  • ShawnNC

    Worked Perfectly! Regular alarms and my time adjusted exactly at 2

  • torchredfrc

    All 3 iPhones in my house moved the time back an hour as well. 2 3GS, 1 4. Great job Apple – does no one test these things? How do you mess up DST and release a patch AFTER the fact when it's already happened all over the world??

  • credible person

    Daylight Saving Time without the "s" at the end and also if it doesn't update the clock you will have the alarm go off an hour EARLIER than expected, not later

  • TomJones

    […the excuse given to your superior must ***of*** been pretty good…]–what the heck are you talking about?

  • credible person

    Daylight Saving Time

    no "s" on the end there

  • pogo57

    Nice article but next time please get your facts straight. The official name is "daylight saving time" not "daylight savings time". And BTW, Daylight Saving Time is ENDING and we are returning to Standard Time

  • Dave

    My iPhone 3GS set itself to the correct time, and the alarm stayed fine. o O

  • Bill W.

    My phone didn't roll back an hour … haven't tried the alarms yet, but the phone ITSELF displays the wrong time!

  • Steamshovel

    (1) The U.S. is moving *out* of DST, not into it. So this article loses its credibility in the first sentence.

    (2) My iPhone did the right thing with regard to both the time change and the alarm.

    • 229Mick

      You're kidding, a mistype so he's just a hater right? He mistyped, so there is no problem with the iphone? He mistyped, so we don't have YET ANOTHER bug in this phone that we have to work around till they bother to release YET ANOTHER patch?

      Or os he lying just because you didn't have a problem…other than the obvious?

    • Jeff

      Except you're wrong

  • Nails

    My clock reset and the alarm went off at the right time. No problems.

  • Harry Obrian

    Oh My, the world is going to end because someone is upset over yet another non-important thing. Relying and depending on a single device for anything is absurd and blaming it is even worse. "The dog ate my homework" excuse has now gone digital but tis still the property of Apple.

  • Hopkins

    My phone did not update the time and my alarm went off an hour late. Nice, huh!?!?

    • Johnny G

      This is pure BS~ If your time didn't update… your alarm went off an hour sooner… not later.

  • VAN


  • Kevin

    Upon awakening this am, I saw the IPhone clock had jumped back two hours. But when I went to the world clock, Time for my time zone (EST) was correct. I had to switch off the “Set Automatically” setting (Settings, General, Date & Time), and the time self-corrected!

    Switched back to “set automatically” and time stayed correct.

    My first EVER software glitch with an iPhone.

    • Chris

      This is exactly the same for me as well, I will try what you did and see if it works for me…and tried…and right on queue it changed and then set back to auto and works just as described! Thanks Kevin!

    • Denise

      I had this happen to me too. I just turned restarted my phone and the time fixed itself.

  • stefani

    glad i set 2 alarms. i live in AZ and we don't change. however my phone decided to.. 🙁

  • Fateo

    I set my alarm for an hour earlier so as not to take a chance given all the publicity. Since my phone worked they way it should, I woke up an hour early. I’m kind of mad at the news hype.

  • Mr_T

    @MrSatyre, I believe the reference was to the *change* in effective start and stop dates for DST — not that the US hadn't observed DST until recently. My iPod Touch G4 indicates the correct time this morning, so I'd say it's largely a non-issue.

  • Garron

    My wife and I both have iphone 4s and she turned off the automatic time. The bug happened to her…now shes an hour late for work. She was worried it wouldn’t change correctly because our blackberries would skip hours everytime we had a change on automatic time. I left my iPhone on automatic and it kept the correct time…I would say the phones to have problems were the ones not set to auto.

    • LateForWork

      Mine was set to auto, and I literally watched as it went from 1:59am to 1:00am at the moment of time change. However, my Monday morning alarm went off an hour late. Time said 7:30, alarm said 7:30, ring came at 8:30.

  • iphoneuser

    My iphone and macbook are set on auto and both have not changed the time.

  • iphoneuser

    mine did not work

  • Elvin

    It seems the bug takes on if you are not taking the time from the cellular network…

  • Steve Jobs

    Oh…the iPhone! BAD BAD. Another crap story

  • Berrie Nice

    time for a blackberry!
    they always come back for crack! crackberry!

  • Eric Nanneman

    Very upset at Apple right now. I live in Phoenix and Arizona doesn’t observe DST. My alarm went off an hour later than it was supposed to. Right now, my phone says 3:30 a.m. even though it’s actually 4:30 a.m. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      If you’re area doesn’t observe DST, then you should have disabled the automated option. People are So easy to complain but never really able to look into stuff.

      For the rest of you fools out there, it’s not the actual time change that’s the issue, it’s the alarm not noticing the time change.

      • mike s

        Well, anonymous, doesn’t that clash with the entire Apple credo of making products that “just work” out of the box? You expect the iSheep to follow Apple AND remove the DST option at the same time?

        Android for the win.

      • B

        Uhmm… I think it’s pretty legit to complain when you set your iPhone to the timezone “Arizona” and it still managed to screw it up. Damn thing made me late for work today.

  • Matt

    Anti iPhone people started this rumor. Mine worked perfectly this morning, just as it always has.

    • Craig

      Ditto. What problem? Nonsense…

    • David Allen

      No, people with iPhones that had problems started this "rumor". My iphone alarm actually went off an hour early last week.

    • LateForWork

      Not so! I'm iPhone's biggest fan, but my wake up call came one hour late this morning! Time said 7:30, alarm said 7:30…it rang at 8:30am. I still have the love for my iphone, though.

  • ALan

    No problems here.

  • MrSatyre

    “Even though the US has now moved into Daylight Savings Time like Europe…”

    What on earth are you talking about? The US has been following DST fir many decades!

    • jimmybbb

      I think the author was referring to the fact that Europe moved to DST earlier this year than he US.

    • Anon

      They are referring to the fact the Europe changed their clocks back, last week.

    • Harry Obrian

      You'll notice that type of associative verbiage in many articles written in the past few years as the new crop of socialist journalists, in and out of the states, takes to the netwaves. I'm just happy that you recognized it. I wish many more had. Looks like you've had a better education than most.

      • Dr. Tyler

        this has nothing to do with socialism or journalism – use Webster before you post. your verbiage, with obvious lack of global awareness, is that of an uneducated individual. the original post is not better educated than most either. maybe you should both take a grammar class to brush up on simple syntax.

    • Guest

      Meaning Europe has already gone into DST a couple of weeks ago…we used to be on the same schedule.

    • Claudia

      Countries in Europe adjusted their clocks a few weeks ago. That's what they're talking about.

    • RandyFolds

      Many decades? Try again champ.

  • Kimberly Edington

    I never had a problem.. My recurring alarms worked perfectly. This must not be a uniform problem. It clearly did not affect my iPhone 4.

    Kimberly Edington

  • Zzzoooom

    Worked fine for me. The way this story is written makes it sound like the alarm app is the most important thing the iPhone does??? Give me a break. Is this really a huge catastrophe? Maybe you should spend your time reporting something WORTH reporting!!!

  • Jake Dowdy

    My phone rolled over the 2am mark 24 minutes ago (I live in Alaska) and it did not go back to 1:00am. I dont know if the iphone has a different time set up to roll back, but with the standardized time being 2am, I dont know why it hasnt changed yet.

    As a side thought, since the "daylight adjustment" is implemented in March and "removed" in November, will it wait til the clock reads 3AM before being lifted and then displaying 2AM? I will wait up another half hour to see if this is the case.

  • Jake Dowdy

    My phone rolled over the 2am mark 24 minutes ago (I live in Alaska) and it did not go back to 1:00am. I dont know if the iphone has a different time set up to roll back, but with the standardized time being 2am, I dont know why it hasnt changed yet.

    As a side thought, since the "daylight adjustment" is implemented in March and "removed" in November, will it wait til the clock reads 3AM before being lifted and then displaying 2AM? I will wait up another half hour to see if this is the case.

  • My iPod touch set the clock back 1 hour just like I expected it to.

  • Chris

    I set my clock back manually before I went to bed last night, expecting problems. When I woke up, I discovered that the iPhone adjusted an extra hour back on its own. Mine had no problem setting itself back an hour afterall.

    • JCrane

      Just as any good cellphone should do. This news story sounds like another Y2K scare.

      • jimmybbb

        The bug isn't related to the iPhone automatically changing to the correct time. Read the article more closely as it clearly states that existing, recurring alarms don't handle the switch.


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