Culprits New Series an Alternative to Heist Films on Disney Plus

Those of you looking for new heist films on Disney Plus might want to skip to a new thriller series instead, as Culprits has joined Disney Plus this week and is becoming the topic of discussion on social media. Disney+ launched the dark comedy thriller series Culprits to its UK and Ireland subscribers from November 8, 2023.

While the streaming service is known for a good variety of content from obviously Disney, plus Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars, you may not consider checking their platform for a thriller series. It’s part of the Star brand, created by Stephen Garrett and written by J Blakeson.

Culprits Disney Plus Star

Culprits starts off with what seems like a normal father-figure, although you quickly find out the story takes a turn when looking back at the past, in which a crew of elite criminals have gone their separate ways. However, their past soon catches up with them when an assassin starts targeting each one.

It’s great to see a series like this start off with so many questions needing answering, like why are they being stalked, or who is behind the mayhem, why did he have such a large bag of money? It’s certainly going to keep you watching to find out the answers.

Culprits has already received some good reviews from critics and those already watching alike, who have praised its suspenseful plot that gets you hooked quickly, also a witty dialogue, and good performances.

You’ll find there’s eight episodes to watch, each run for about an hour and if you’re from the US, it should be coming to Hulu on 8th December, 2023. If you like good heist films, then this thriller series will be welcomed if you can commit the hours to watch it all. Watch the Culprits for free with you Disney+ subscription and also see a trailer on their app and learn more about it online at