Crysis 2 Review: Will Xbox 360 and PS3 Please Stand Up

Following on from our hands-on with Homefront, we spent a day with Crysis 2. The review is only a first impression again, and the two games could not be more different, especially when it comes to the level of graphic detail.

Crysis 2 amazed us from the start, the level of detail is something the Xbox 360 and PS3 is not used to, and while we’re sure that the highest spec PC will smash the consoles for graphic detail, the cross-platform development has resulted in something very special for PS3 and Xbox 360 users.

On this page you can see a few screens from our time with the game, and if you remotely like these screenshots, trust me, the science fiction first-person shooter is miles better when you’re in the thick of it, hands-on. It’s nice to see a game that really pushes the next-gen games consoles to the limit, and doesn’t settle for below par graphics (we’ve seen enough of them).

Crytek show what the CryEngine 3 game engine can really do for consoles, and our first impressions was on the Xbox 360, although we did play a PS3 copy too, which showed no notable difference.

Crysis 2 is set three years after the first game, and in the year 2023. New York City has been deserted after the aliens came, and you’re able to move around the destroyed cityscape, through buildings and between floors. The option to pickup almost any item is pretty cool, but pointless most times. All the time you are enjoying the surroundings, and how realistic they look.

You’ll find yourself backed up against a wall at times, surrounded on all sides but not just from one enemy, you will be fighting both the aliens and CryNet Systems at times. This is not a problem for the Force Recon Marine you play as, aka ‘Alcatraz’. This is thanks to the Nanosuit 2.0, which you wear and integrates with your body giving you enhanced abilities.

The Nanosuit 2.0 has some cool features, which are more streamlined than the first game, Crysis. The two modes we used the most in our review were the armor mode, and the cloaking mode. After playing a while and shooting everything you came across, the tactics start to set in, and you discover its better to cloak in most situations, and go for the stealth kill. Your tough, but you cannot kill everyone.

Crytek has said the combat in Crysis 2 is ‘catastrophically beautiful’, and they would be spot on with that statement, it’s amazing. If you’re looking to buy the best-looking FPS, then this near-perfect (visually) game will be the one to choose.

The story is good, but the real magic in Crysis 2 comes from the staged combat, which varies from backdoors like through the sewers, to carefully placed enemy patrols that you need to either fight through or find a way around, again this is where cloaking comes in handy.

There is a lot to Crysis 2 but this is just our first impression. Its great eye candy, and maybe not perfect inside but overall it’s at least 9 out of 10. We’ve a lot more to see of the game, and will post more in time.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 are aging a bit, and Crysis 2 shows that the console hardware can match most modern PCs, although maybe not the high end models. Have you played Crysis 2? What do you love and hate?

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