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CoD Ghosts Xbox One update lowers quality

A CoD Ghosts Xbox One update has been released which reportedly lowers quality, such as performance and frame rate. The latest patch was supposed to enhance the next gen shooter but has seemingly done the opposite and made the game worse, to the dismay of many players.

The new software update was primarily meant to prepare the system for the Onslaught DLC, in addition to introducing bug fixes, performance improvements and multiplayer mode balance tweaks. Instead many players have complained that since downloading, the game quality is poorer and does not always meet the 60 frames per second requirement.

The Stonehaven map in particular has experienced drops between 40-60 frames which has been causing some screen tear and also an impact on smoothness. Players on the Neogaf forums have been discussing the issues that the update has had on them, reports of a reduction in response and a negative decease in visual quality have also been issues suffered.

It is now a case of waiting for another update to be rolled out to fix the performance issues created by the original one, have you downloaded the new update but found that Call of Duty: Ghosts on your Xbox One still plays as well as it always has?

What is interesting is that this problem has only hit Xbox One users, there has been no problems reported from PS4 users who downloaded the update. Some fans were also unhappy after the news that Sledgehammer would be developing the 2014 CoD game, creating a longer wait for new zombies.

If indeed you are a PS4 user however and have experienced some of these problems then be sure to share it in the comments section.

Written by Matt Tran

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The other thing that has been effected is the audio output levels. In trying to fix the silent perk they just lowered all audio output by at least 20db. This is most apparent on headphones however even users using their tv’s too output the audio will tell you that they have had too turn it up lower than it was before but at least can do so. Thus headphone wearers are at a vast disadvantage at this point.

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