COD: Ghosts Free Fall map and trick shots

Now that Call of Duty Ghosts has released it was obvious that a number of interesting and helpful videos will appear as well, so this is what we have for Product Reviews readers today that want to learn more about the COD: Ghosts Free Fall map and great spots for trick shots.

You will find the video below this article and it runs for just 2 minutes, although the quick COD: Ghosts Free Fall map walkthrough reveals ideal spots for performing trick shots or sneaky takedowns. This won’t please gamers that hate snipers, but if you are on the other end then you will want to take a quick look at the video below.

The author named their video “COD: Ghosts Trickshot Spots and Map Review”, although we wouldn’t necessarily call this a detailed review of the Free Fall map. We should point out there is no Theater Mode in COD: Ghosts, as this is something a few gamers were wondering.

You can see some early PS4 reviews for COD: Ghosts that arrived thanks to certain press bloggers getting hands-on with the next-gen Sony console. If you are playing the COD: Ghosts Free Fall map today, then we would love to hear from you in the comments and especially if you have found better spots for great kills.

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