COD: Ghosts extinction mode in 30 minutes

This is the new Call of Duty: Ghosts mode everyone is talking about today, and we have 30 minutes of gameplay to show exactly what it’s all about. Below this article you will find a hands-on with the COD: Ghosts extinction mode that challenges gamers to fight off Aliens in something that resembles zombies.

The author of the video spent over 30 minutes attempting to perfect the new COD: Ghosts extinction mode in a live gameplay demo, which also includes commentary. This video has been seen over 150,000 times within 24 hours, so that alone gives you an idea of how much interest is being shown for this new game mode.

In a nutshell, you will need to destroy hives with your drill and survival oncoming Aliens in COD: Ghosts extinction. This follows what we saw with zombies in Black Ops and survival in Modern Warfare, although there are a few twists with the hopes of this becoming the new most loved spin-off.

We previously touched on COD: Ghosts extinction mode after a trailer went live showcasing it, but that footage didn’t even last 2 minutes while the video below gives you the first full on gameplay, so take a look and let us know if the new mode interests you enough to purchase the game. If you have already been playing extinction in COD: Ghosts, then leave a comment below with your thoughts so far.

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