COD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 upgrade options to PS4

There is a number of ways you can take your Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 on PS3 and upgrade to PS4, which basically range from options in-store to a digital way to update through the PS4 console itself rather than a box copy. If you are looking to upgrade your copy of COD: Ghosts or BF4, then how you go about upgrading might depend on how you purchased the previous generation game in the first place.

Some retail stores have been offering special upgrade discounts for a few weeks now and we even touched on pricing back in September. While that was a couple of months ago, we knew at the time there would be a special code inside PS3 box copies that allowed gamers to upgrade to the digital PS4 version of COD: Ghosts for just $10. The same option is available for a Battlefield 4 upgrade to PS4, so you can simply use the included code to purchase a digital version from the Store once you get hands-on with the next-gen PlayStation.

Digital vs. Physical Disc for COD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 PS4 upgrade – In the UK, GAME allowed you to purchase COD: Ghosts for PS3 at £45 and then they will buy the game back for £40 when you upgrade to PS4. This was for a physical disc copy and meant you only paid £5 to use the PS3 version for a number of weeks, but then the PS4 version would certainly cost a lot more. If you went for the digital upgrade option in the UK, then you can expect to pay £10 after using the code on the PlayStation Store.

There’s similar offers in place with GameStop in the US, Amazon, and Best Buy that start as low as $9.99. These deals are for both COD: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 upgrades to PS4 and Xbox One, although the real choice might come down to how much you care about getting a box copy compared to digital downloads.

Personally, while boxed copies are nice they certainly take up a lot of room after a couple of years if you like to collect games. Then there’s being able to just change games without putting in a new disc, something we have been enjoying after downloading a number of Xbox One titles like FIFA 14 (Thanks to a code), Battlefield 4, and NB2K14. Changing between these games is so easy once you have downloaded digital copies.

If you own the PS3 version of COD: Ghosts or BF4, would you prefer to receive an upgrade to PS4 by digital download or physical disc?

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