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COD Black Ops: UK Sainsburys Price – More Confirmation

Following on from our recent post that Sainsburys and Morrisons will have the cheapest deals on COD Black Ops, we now have an update for you — and its not good news. We had assumed that the new game would sell for £24.99 in Sainsburys; we can now tell you that the price will actually be £27.97.

However, there is a catch, you will need to spend £30 or more in store to benefit from the deal. This offer cannot be used in conjunction when purchasing fuel, phone top ups, cigarettes etc. This update comes from a reader who works for the commercial side of the UK supermarket.

So it seems that the original source of the post got the details wrong. We thought that we would have a look at Sainsburys online store for more details, but it seems as if the deal is in store only. The price on their website is a staggering £39.99 — that’s one of the most expensive I have seen it.

We do not know whether to trust the Morrisons price now either, especially as the source has already got on part of their details wrong? Will you still buy Call of Duty: Black Ops from Sainsburys, or will you wait to see if another store has a deal where you do not need to spend a certain amount of money? So has the price war for the game finally begun?

Written by Peter Chubb

Peter has been writing on Product-Reviews since 2007 and in that time much has changed for him, like his hair having more grey than brown now. He loves gadgets and cars, and gets excited when big events come up, such as CES and the big auto shows.

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  • Phill

    Black ops ,many say dont bother,Stick to Hacked to hell Mw2.

  • Joe

    I purchased a copy of black ops from a site called

    for £33.99

  • Vicsie

    is this offer at Sainsburys still on?

  • Ell

    I ordered call of duty black ops from sainsburys on thursday 11th November and it said it will come in the post within 3 days, but then I went on sainsburys again & it said if you order black ops it will come in the post within 8 days so now I don't know when I will get it. I really wanted it to come today but hasn't so far from royal mail and now I don't know what to do will it arrive tomorrow please help!

  • zbox

    Err, got it for £7… Blockbusters rent n rip.. BOYAA!

  • Joe

    I got it today from sainsbury at about 11. Well my mum got when she did her shop. It was meant to sold out but apprently they were holding one for sombody but the didn’t collect it.

  • Well its not hard to tell that sainburys have been affected by the credit crunch and clearly this is an opportunity to boost its profits!!

  • bev

    curry has it in at 19.99 when u spend £50 instore

  • bob

    sansburys has best deal then asda has 2nd best get fable 3 preowned then trade it in

  • sue

    sue. say the advert for sainsburys in the paper today didnt say about the store open later….we should all refuse to buy and buy from game etc and leave the supermarkets with loads unsold …pure greed.

  • L-D

    This is a serious joke i will not pay over £30-35 i refuse to no matter how good and how bad i want this game, i should of just bought it on the tesco website when i had the chance to ¬_¬

    There just coning people with these deals none of them are good and will benefit you unless your goin to do your shopping

  • dentonlee

    there all doing the same with there catches, for the sake of a tenner im off to sainsburys , either way they will try to mug you to spend more money in there shops, who really wants to do food shopping at that time!

  • Kev

    They can't sell beer or spirits after 11:30pm and £30 can't include cigarettes/petrol or electricals.. So looks like a few of you will be eating baked beans until early 2012.

    What a rip off this whole saga is turning out to be, I purchased Modern Warfare in Sainsbury's on release day for a mere £14.99 @ 7am and was sold 2 of them. It is getting past the point of being funny the way people are having to part with their dosh.

    Another dole dossers release time, most people that actually work are tucked up in bed at 12am or doing a night shift, sort it out.

  • max

    this is peak i need to know noooowwww 🙁

    • keith

      sainsbury just said they will sell tonight £38 no discount but will discout tomorrow normall opening times if you spend £30

  • tashs

    Pretty shore they stop selling alchohol after 12.

  • chris butcher

    went sainsburys today they told me will be opening at 12 am you have to spend 30 pounds to get it for 27 seems a bit of a con as the store is only open to sell the game so they will be selling certain things only like beer etc!

  • stan

    hi thank for letting us lot know about the deal some one needs to let us know because the people you ring up at the stores haven't a clue.

  • steve

    Game has a good offer, if you buy a chart title you can get it for 24.99 OR if you trade in one of some selected titles you can also get the game for 24.99.

    So if you traded in 2 titles from the list you can get black ops for free

    Or buy a chart title and trade a game in. We have midnight launches up and down the country.

    We also got other offers going on in store such as throat mic for 9.99 when you buy black op’s spec and normal strat guides, 12 month xbl time with free tshirt. Everyone who comes down to midnight launch get awesome poster.

    So 24.99 or free I believe that is cheapest =)


    Game employee

    Cardiff saints david 2 store

  • Jab

    And Blockbuster – £0.99 if you trade in 2 recent games of Fable III, Fallout New Vegas, Medal of Honor, F1 2010, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and EA Sports’ MMA.

  • DonciscO

    Guys I can confirm one this and that is Best Buy UK is doing it for £29.99 on launch day and for that day only on a first come first serve basis… I called several branches to confirm. But yeah this is a bit stupid if you have to spend 30 pounds to get a game which is roughly on it's own for £30

  • dave

    Tesco was doing it for £34.95 the other day with a pre-order code (CODPreOrder-1)

    This is now invalid

    I was waiting to see what the Sainsburys price was going to be 🙁

  • Nicaragua

    Ive just phoned sainsburys and they confirmed the price and requirement of spending £30 on groceries.

  • john

    try asda

  • Dinesh

    The big 4 supermarkets all have ads for Black Ops, so I thought I would put them all together:

    Morrisons – £29.99 when you buy any other chart game.

    Sainsburys – £27.97 when you spend £30 in store. £37.97 full price.

    Tesco – £25 when you buy 2100 MS points, 3 months gold membership or a £20 psn card.

    Asda – £4.97 when you trade in Force Unleashed 2, Fallout NV or Fable 3. £36.97 full price.

    Game had an ad too, £24.99 when you trade Halo Reach, Deadrising 2, F1 2010 or FIFA 11. Or £24.99 when bought with another chart game.


  • rui cova—-

    get a life you mugs work in a real place u faggots

  • Nectar

    your all talking arse has anybody phoned sainsburys head office ?? I have… Selected stores will be open at midnight but they are not disclosing the price to store until 23.55 !! so who knows ? Morrisons are deffo doing by another game and get it for 29.99 confirmed by the customer services team

  • shazza

    i got the last call of duty in sainsburys think it was 24.99 or 25.99 day it come out i dint have to buy anythink else

  • A13

    True. Seen posters

  • john

    The game will definately be sold on a buy and save offer at sainsburys. As posted above will we need to buy £30 in store then get game for the discounted price!

  • AndyMc

    Working at sainsburys i can tell u now dat nothing has been confirmed as i keep asking. They r keepin the price secret from every1

  • sbys

    reliable source from sainsburys says spend £30 and get game for £27.99 is true

  • Alex

    Following on from what I said earlier, I still agree with Killa as when I phoned up Sainsbury's yet again and questioned the lady about the store opening at midnight and the unfeasible nature of having to spend £30 at that time of night, she told me they would probably only be opening the petrol station..Now unless I’m supposed to spent £30 on red bull and ginsters pork pies, I still conclude this is inaccurate info…

    • Joe Shmoe

      30 quids worth of red bull and ginsters pasties at midnight from the garage..reminds me of being stoned at college!

  • bertybollocks

    ahhhh fck these retailer if no 1 buys this then prices will tumble lets start a reliance not to buy and stick 2 fingers to these retail rats

    • Karl

      Is that you Lee?

  • killa

    I work at a sainsburys and I can tell u your source will be wrong, sainsburys for definite (and probably other stores) will not agree and put out a price until Monday night, so unless u have the information from someone high up at head office it probably isn't reliable

  • Carmine

    This would only be for 24 hour stores. Ours open at 12pm to 2am, just to sell the game, so this offer would be redundant. Still don't know how much they will be selling it for.

  • hahaha

    khalid ,think you need to learn how to spell. Not buying video games

  • khalid ali

    I didnt get suome one plese telle me how much it well be sold at monday midnihgt is it gunna be sold for like 27 but u have to do 30 pound shopiing and are sainsbrys going to be ope 2monday midnight at 12am??

    • Shandyboy

      Again, in English?

    • gabilar

      its just a big gag that cods comin out midnight you've got to pre order it then collect it



  • artrocker

    this is handy as we always do a weekly shop there , so i could stock up on wine and some meat or even buy a frozen turkey , though the idea of buying something and then taking it back is very crafty and tempting , i pre ordered it for my son on xbox but think i will get this on ps3 tuesday for myself (although i am heavily addicted to new vegas at the moment) , just hope they hold a copy for me whilst i do a 30 pound shop ???

  • 137

    Working in sainsburys i can tell you this is true you need to spend £30 .. But you can bipass this by buying £30 of say beer and the game then going back into store with the beer without the game and get a refund for your beers.

    Sainsburys have made a huge misstake by doing this for 39.99 its a joke to last year i hope they dont sell one for this price!!

  • GeeBee

    It's easy, look for someone going to the checkout with a big trolley, ask them to get it for you & give them your cash. Sorted.

  • wayne says

    The only deal that the supermarkets are doing is get it for 24.99 when u buy another chart game I no I work at one or them and I’ve seen the point of sale that will be going up

  • bad man

    this is bloody stupid not buying if more than £30

  • Jons

    I too work at morrisons and they better not do that stupid chart offer thing. Nobody buys 2 games at once now… Just buy one and play it.. Unless its presents. Anyway nothing Is certain till monday night, happened last year, no-one knew the price till tuesday

  • chris

    It is true that sainsburys are going to offer this product as required but if u do not spend that amount it will only be a tenner dearer so its not that bad if u think about it if u spend the £30 on grocery items and then £27.97 on the game it will cost u more then £37.97 so just buy the game and save yourself money unless you really need to do food shopping lol Have fun playing C.O.D: BLACK OPS (SAINSBURYS WHORE)

  • Alex

    Are you sure this is correct? When I phoned Sainsbury's to enquire the price the other day, I was informed that the stores would only open at midnight if the game was sold on a stand-a-lone offer that would result in a reduction in price, as they aren't allowed to open the rest of the shop and sell other products alongside the game. (So pretty much, if it was on an offer such as spend £30 and get it for £27, they wouldn't be opening at midnight)

  • GSP

    the woman at my sainsbo's electrics counter said it's open for an hour from midnight, so if they expect everyone to spend £30 on groceries when buying the game they aren't giving much time for people to get them, plus i doubt they'll have alot of staff in working that time to man the tills. i'd rather they just charge a bit more without any catches (if indeed there does turn out to be a catch)

  • Josh

    I work in Morrisons and it's something like £27 (i think) when you buy another chart game, or it's £39.99 when bought on its own. It's a bit disappointing because last year they sold Modern Warfare 2 in Morrisons for £25 with no catches… But thank god for %15 discount 😀

    • mikey

      hi there, i'm going into morrisons tomorrow to refund Black Ops as i seriously dislike it, i have the reciept and its in perfect condition, ive had it less than 2 weeks. Would Morrisions happily refund it, or will they refuse and give me no option to throw the rule book at them?


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