COD Black Ops Review: Hacks, Non-Realistic, and Impatience

Jumping directly into the Zombie mode with Call of Duty Black Ops was great fun, and as expected we loved the new map and new options in COD Black Ops. The fun part is always getting used to a new map, being completely lost at first is part of that fun.

After an hour or so you start to learn the layout, and find a few areas that are good places to hold up when the you-know-what hits the fan. Graphics are the last thing on your mind, and the zombie gameplay brings people together socially, while being second to none for a FPS.

Next up we hit a few multiplayer maps, the first was the “Nuke” map that felt like I was dropped in the Simpsons with a gun, the graphics were better than a cartoon but not far away. Trying to put that aside, the sound of guns failed to impress when compared to those of Medal of Honor. Were we surprised? No.

Call of Duty graphics may be worse than MW2 but the gameplay will be a winner in multiplayer with most players, the customization is amazing and the type of player the game attracts will be happy, well most of them. The game is not realistic in sound, graphics or gameplay but this was expected although some players are complaining that the sound and graphics should have been a bit better, even for Call of Duty.

The game is a winner for most people because it gives them what they want, although the flip side to that would be hacking and impatient people running around stabbing, amongst other things. You saw it in MW2, and as this video shows — someone at 15th Prestige — it’s happening in COD Black ops.

If you want a game where patience is needed and is realistic, you will not find it in Black Ops multiplayer. The arcade approach will be a winning formula for most gamers, but not for all.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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  • aaaa

    no servers in SEA, i almost bought it, HAHA

  • jamie

    i cant belive i queued up at midnight 4 a pile of s*** of a game id rather nail me testical's to a plank ov wood than play it again

  • mammalkid-22

    15 prestige? men, we are dealing here with someone who has absolutely no life whatsoever

    • austin

      hahaha south park reference

  • IrwinReviews

    In a review you have to be as unbiased as possible and instead of just saying ''This game is bad'' you have to state why. You have failed at both of these. Games place fun ahead of realism so please just stop with the abusive wank-fest. If you want realism, go enlist.

  • James

    Tried to cram too much complicated unecessary junk in to what was a winning formula. Screwed it up! Feel guilty that i even considered leaving my beautiful MW2 on the shelf!

    • austin

      you must be daft. MW2 was horrible with all the unbalanced guns and killstreaks. comments like this make me cry (not really) but BO is wayyyy better that MW2 will ever be

  • Alex

    I knew halo was going to be so much better. Why would you even compare this game to halo. Fucking idiots I swear

  • richard

    Black Ops is just dissapointing!!! 🙁

  • bob


  • Jim

    Not a single mention of the single player campaign? And the line "Was we surprised?" is a horrendous use of grammar. A VERY disappointing review.

  • Dean

    Black Ops is a terrible dissapointment. Was this review written by a five year old?

  • Jeffery Reed

    Was we suprised your review was shit ? Hell No! Stop bitchin about call of duty and hop off of MOH's nuts, you dumbass. And the 15th prestige hack, so what if they have it just whoop their ass call them a bitch and move on.

  • Robert

    "Was we surprised? No"

    I am quite surprised at your use of grammar!! lol


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