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CoD Black Ops map pack 4 – Rezurrection – insight from Q&A

If you are one of the millions of zombies fans looking forward to the Rezurrection map pack which we revealed yesterday, we have some more juicy details for you, recently spoke to someone from Treyarch regarding the upcoming DLC and it looks like some hints may have inadvertently slipped out.

Before we get started let us briefly recap what we found out less than a day ago. The Rezurrection map pack will consists of 5 zombies maps, four of which are remastered versions of the World at War maps Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese. Whilst one will be a completely new map called Moon, which is pretty self-explanatory. You can find out more about the Rezurrection DLC here.

OK, let’s get back to the matter in hand. According to OneOfSword’s writer he spoke to Treyarch’s creative lead for Zombies, Jimmy Zelinski, via email. It is clear that Jimmy was keeping his cards close to his chest, but if you look deeply into some of his answers he may have let a few things slip, that said his answers are very cryptic and we don’t know if we are reading into things too much.

Let’s start with the DLC’s name, Rezurrection, when asked whether the misspelling of the word resurrection was a typo he answered “You never know where hints and Easter eggs may appear in Zombies. What looks like a typo may be a typo…but it might also be the hidden truth behind everything”, We don’t know what you make of this answer, but it almost hints towards things being wrapped up in the Rezurrection DLC, what do you think? Could this be the last ever zombies map? That said when asked whether the Moon level would be the last chapter in the zombies storyline no answer was given.

When asked about the Quantum Entanglement Device, Jimmy was vague he said the “possibilities are limitless” and added “just throw it out there, and see what it will do FOR YOU”. We have heard that it will either curse of bless the player, therefore we are extremely excited to see what it brings to the table.

We wonder whether gravity will play its part on the Moon map, let’s face it you would have thought that combat on the moon would involve some floating around and it looks like Jimmy may have hinted at this inadvertently. He was asked “Are there other new weapons this time around? Any new gameplay mechanics?” to this he replied “This game mode is all about discovery. Whether our characters discover new weapons in the various places they visit is dependent on where they go. Same can be said for gameplay mechanics – the location dictates how you play. Ever been to the moon?”. Could this be a hint toward a map which boasts features which can only be access at a certain time. On Call of the Dead the Pack-a-Punch Machine was only available when the lighthouse shone on certain rocks – perhaps the moon map will use gravity to mix things up and become dynamic – we sure hope so!

Finally we must include this snippet from what Jimmy had to say about the map “of course there will be clues to the past and other story elements, but don’t be surprised to discover a few hints as to what may be coming in the future” – now as you can see this really got us thinking, obviously the map’s easter eggs will probably tell a story as we have seen in other maps, but what could be coming in the future? Could this mean that more zombies are coming in Treyarch’s next CoD game?

Here’s part of Treyarch’s official announcement:

This all-Zombies content pack hurls players into orbit with “Moon,” the climax to the Zombies saga, as well as the most challenging and thrilling adventure yet. The undead shift in and out of sight, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Undead astronauts easily shamble toward their next meal, unaffected by the base’s fluctuating gravity.

Arm yourself with a space-age arsenal of epic proportions, including the Wave Gun, capable of cooking zombies from the inside out, as well as the Quantum Entanglement Device, which taps into the theories of quantum mechanics to bless (or curse!) your battle against the undead. Along with new equipment and an all-new Perk for thrice the zombie-slaying fun, you’ll have the tools you need to turn back the undead tide once and for all.

As you can see gravity will not affect undead astronauts, a new perk will be available and you will be able to use the Wave Gun, Treyarch has never divulged so many zombie map details prior to its release, therefore we can’t help but think they are hiding something. Also it clearly states that Moon is the climax to the zombies saga, for Black Ops? Or forever? That’s what we want to know.

If you think you spotted some clues from the Q&A which we missed let us know in the comments below, we cannot wait to get our hands on the Moon zombie map – can you?

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